#Zionist #Ashkenazi #Jew #vegan misquotes the #HolyBible to smear meat eaters.

Comment: Yet if I said that vegans were riff-raff, I would be labelled a speciesist and a hate criminal. More hypocrisy from leftist Jews.

And check out the title of the blog. It uses “heeb” which is a variation of the anti-semitic slur “hebe”. I’m sure I’ll be accused of calling them a “hebe” or a “kike” for criticizing their use of an anti-semitic slur in their title and URL.

What the original author fails to mention that after the Great Flood, God told man that He permitted the eating of animal flesh (Genesis 9:1-5) as well as plant life as long as it was clean – as defined in Leviticus (Leviticus 11) – and blessed in the name of God

The Beet-Eating **** – I wont stop to the Zionist Jew’s level of using an anti-semitic slur – is proof that the Devil can quote scripture to suit his need.




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