The two candidates most likely to run the #USDA if #Hillary gets elected. #Monsanto

  1. Carol Tucker Foreman

Foreman is a life-long Monsanto lobbyist who is no stranger to the USDA. Appointed as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture by Jimmy Carter in 1977, Foreman was responsible using Rockefeller frontman Ancel Keys’ debunked “lipid hypothesis” as the phony evidence needed to get “low fat” declared official government nutrition policy. The government’s war on fat has caused neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease to grow at exponential rates over the years. Yes, Carol Tucker Foreman is responsible for the Alzheimer’s-related death of Ronald Reagan.

2. Michael F. Jacobson

Jacobson holds a PhD in microbiology from MIT. He is the co-founder and executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a so-called “consumer advocacy” group which wants to take away the consumers’ right to choice of what they want to eat or drink. CSPI calls for taxes on anything it deems to be unhealthy. Jacobson pushes for vegetarianism while he eats fish at posh D.C. restaurants like an elite snob (which he is). And while CSPI pretends to give lip service to organic advocates, they take money from Monsanto, allow Monsanto front groups to dictate nutrition policy on CSPI’s own National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity coalition, put out pro-GMO propaganda, and campaign against mandatory GMO labelling.

Why would Monsanto want Carol Tucker Foreman or Michael F. Jacobson to run the USDA?

Simple: To give the phony Social Justice Warriors an excuse to attack anti-GMO activism as hate speech.

If Carol Tucker Foreman were to run the USDA, you would see all the feminist groups attack the Organic Consumers Association, the Food Babe, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and any other anti-GMO person as “sexists” and “misogynists”. Remember Alex Jones’ “Black Lives Matter” anti-aborition rally where feminists openly admitting “I kill my kids”? What do you think they would say if Alex Jones questioned them for poisoning their kids with GMO foods? They would say stuff like “yes I kill my kids with GMO food,” “your anti-GMO bullshit is rooted in your white male privilege,” and “your anti-GMO bullshit is rooted in sexism and misogyny because a woman runs the USDA.”

But what if Michael F. Jacobson were to run the USDA? You would see groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attempt to link the anti-GMO movement and any person or group critical of the USDA with white supremacist groups, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan. You would see the ADL and SPLC declare anti-GMO activism the “new Holocaust denial.” You would see anti-GMO activists – individuals and group – smeared as “Jew haters” and “anti-semites.”

(If a black were appointed to run the USDA, anti-GMO activists would be declared racists by the NAACP. If a vegan animal rights activist were appointed to run the USDA, anti-GMO activists would be declared “speciesists” and “veganophobes.”)

It’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary will declare an open war on the First Amendment once she becomes President. You will see her eviscrate the First Amendment with “hate speech” laws which will criminalize anybody who criticizes blacks, gays, Jews, Muslims, and even vegans and animal rights activists.

Imagine having your Facebook account terminated if you post links to posts on this blog which expose Hillary Clinton, Carol Tucker Foreman, and Michael F. Jacobson as Monsanto shills.

Imagine having your YouTube account terminated for exposing PETA as a Zionist Jew operation which attempts to incite false-flag riots amongst Muslims. (This happened to me last year.)

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency and appoints Carol Tucker Foreman or Michael F. Jacobson to run the USDA, anti-GMO activism will be declared a hate crime. Mark my words.


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