#BlackLivesMatter and #PETA are run by #white #Zionist #Jews.


Look at the similarities between the treatment of blacks and the treatment of animals.

Black slaves were put in chains and whipped like savage beasts. Then blacks were freed and given the same rights as whites thanks to the 13th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So how are blacks rewarded? They’re rewarded by being guinea pigs in Nazi-esque scientific experiments in Tuskegee involving syphilis as well as unfettered abortions. Yet if you criticize the white Jew-run, white Jew-funded Planned Parenthood for its wanton extermination of the black race, fat obese feminist twats will call you a sexist and misogynist and will physically assault you.

In the post-World War II era which is also known as the Baby Boom era, most civilized countries saw a huge population growth.

How would the nation be fed? Would the government encourage people to grow their own food? Of course not.

The government allowed the food companies to industrialize food. They would pay farmers to grow certain crops so the vegetables could be preserved and canned for long shelf life.

And since vegetarianism was practiced by few people in those days (and with veganism practically nonexistent in the States), even meat production was industrialized. This gave rise to the factory farm model where animals are given huge amounts of feed to fatten them up and given growth hormones to make them grow faster so they can be slaughtered and turned into meat in no time at all.

Factory farms are an abomination because they put so little value on the lives of animals.

It was the treatment of animals on factory farms and in scientific labs that gave rise to the animal rights movement with the founding of PETA in 1980.

While the white Jew-run, white Jew-funded PETA preaches about veganism and calls for people to be kind to animals, PETA has proven to be anything but. While in public, PETA participates in ridiculous stunts – including the sexual exploitation of women – which in the last few years has caused vegetarians and vegans to question the credibility of PETA as a whole. Yet behind closed doors, PETA thinks the solution to freeing animals from their bonds is to…exterminate them just like Planned Parenthood exterminates black babies.

So what happens if you protest PETA’s wanton killing of healthy dogs and cats? You’re labelled a shill and a speciesist, the left’s way of saying you’re racist against animals.

Black Lives Matter is a Zionist Jew front operation which aborts black babies and says you’re a bigot for opposing their wanton extermination of the black race, and PETA is a Zionist Jew front operation which kills innocent animals and says you’re a bigot for opposing their wanton killing of animals.


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