#Vegetarian expelled from #VegetarianSociety for criticizing #Monsanto.

More proof that Monsanto runs The Vegetarian Society, and more proof that any criticism of Monsanto and GMOs is not permitted amongst ethical vegans who prove time and time again that they are pro-GMO shills and put “animal rights” – code for “total erosion of human rights” – over health and well-being.


Oh, f**k off. How many of you know about ALL the brands you buy? You stupid f***s. Monsanto owned the Quorn brand of veggie food here in Britain for years and when I confronted the Vegetarian Society about it, they expelled me. They were sucking up to one of the biggest vivisectionists in the world and courting innocent 14 year old girls at the same time. It made me sick.

Eat only what you grow or what has been grown locally. Bake your own bread. Don’t drive a car.

Then I MIGHT respect you.


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