Anonymous vegan coward: “Treat verbal abuse of #vegans the same as #HolocaustDenial.”

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I have a better way to describe verbal abuse against vegans: Hate speech. Courts in the UK and North America have ruled that veganism is a legally protected belief on par with religion and sexual orientation. And in the UK, it’s actually against the law to criticize somebody’s religious beliefs or sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s time to treat the verbal abuse of vegans the same as Holocaust denial.

So how will you define “verbal abuse”?

Questioning why ethical vegans are promoting pro-GMO viewpoints and attacking anti-GMO skeptics?

Innocent jokes about vegans?

Exposing the fact that PETA and HSUS promote pro-GMO propaganda by allowing paid Monsanto trolls to post pro-GMO comments?

Exposing the fact that PETA’s mass extermination of animals is a psy-op designed to condition people to accept the coming extermination of American citizens in FEMA camps as “normal” and “necessary”?

Or the mere act of eating meat within the general vicinity of a vegan?

And equating anti-vegan remarks with Holocaust denial…only a Zionist Jew would play the “Holocaust card” or the “Jew card” to attack their opposition.

This is more proof that “ethical veganism” is a Zionist Jew plot to criminalize meat eaters and anti-GMO activists as “hate criminals”.


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