Paid #Monsanto trolls posing as ethical vegans attack #FoodBabe for being against #carageenan.


Funny how these ethical vegans are attacking the Food Babe and smearing her with the tiresome “shill” slur, when the definition of a shill is somebody who is paid to promote corporate propaganda. Sorry, but the only shills I see on there are the ethical vegans who are clearly trolls paid by Follow Your Heart to attack anybody who has a problem with FYH putting a knowm carcinogen – carageenan – in their VeganEgg product.

Hey ethical vegans. If you have a problem with me exposing you as phony shills paid by Monsanto, then meet me in a dark alley and I’ll punch you so hard in your face that I’ll shatter your nose beyond all repair and knock out every tooth. You worthless cunts deserve to have your asses kicked.



Okay, it really isn’t. It’s extracted from seaweed and studies have pretty much proven that it is not carcinogenic. This is just a common misconception, like the idea that soy will give you cancer…. Please do your own research though

James Reply
Not sure where you’re getting that. The FDA, European FSA, FAO and WHO all agree that food-grade carrageenan is completely safe, even for use in baby formula.

Tom Reply
I cannot believe people take anything foodbabe says seriously! She is ridiculous and anti-science. The Jenny McCarthy of food. Anyone citing her as a source should be ashamed at their lack of scientific knowledge. (My comment: And your mother should be ashamed for giving birth to you. People like you make me support abortion.)

Processed food is perfectly fine. Cooking anything means it’s been processed. There was a ‘famous’ review of 40 animal studies in 2001 that concluded carrageenan was a carcinogen/could induce ulcers. But it focused on degraded carrageenan, which is not used in foods, only undegraded carrageenan is used which is perfectly safe. Please stop spreading these myths.

James Reply
Lol I’m with Tom. The Food Babe is a shill, (My comment: You’re the shill, Monsanto fag.) while the science-based US FDA, EFSA, FAO and WHO all agree on carageenan’s safety. You’re obviously free to eat what you want, (My comment: Tell that to the people who got arrested at Rawesome Foods, you fucking fag.) but don’t spread misinformation.

Barry Laws Reply
Food Babe is a buddy of Alex Jones who believes “the j00s created veganism to make people dumb and easily controlled” lol. (My comment: Alex Jones never said “the j00s created veganism to make people dumb and easily controlled. Barry Laws, you’re a Zionist shit starter. You’re probably the fucking Zionist piece of shit who organized PETA’s Jewish false flag Islamophobic stunt in India.)

James Reply
Listen to whatever blog you want, but I’m going to listen to the combined opinions of the US FDA, EFSA, FAO, and WHO. All agree that carrageenan is safe.

James Reply
Actually, the Food Babe has mostly been vilified for spreading misinformation. And it doesn’t mean much to dedicate “years” to food activism if she has never bothered to pursue even a basic scientific literacy. She is completely uneducated with regards to nutrition, and gains attention only by fear-mongering.

If she starts a blog on computer science I might read it, since that’s what she has actually studied. Then again, she’d probably just rant about carcinogen-laden plastic keyboards… (My comment: I think ol’ James has a wicked crush on the Food Babe. Sorry dumbass, but she’s way out of your league. She has beauty and brains. Now go fuck your silicone whore trailer trash wife who’s probably also your sister.)

Louis Reply
It really bothers me when people follow propaganda, yes I am talking about carageenen. (My comment: So now being against toxic chemicals is “following propaganda”? So is CSPI’s advocacy against aspartame and sucralose – despite defending both aspartame and sucralose years before calling for them to be avoided – propaganda? But of course you won’t dare attack CSPI for being for aspartame and sucralose and trans fats before being against them because they’re liberals just like you. Liberal hypocrites deserve to hang together from the same noose.) It is seaweed extract not a chemical and isn’t unhealthy or hurts any animals to get it, just like soy is bad for you. I have been veg for 23 yrs and have soy one way or another everyday since, I don’t have man boobs or unhealthy in anyway, don’t ever ever make decisions on what you read EVER! do research and be smart!




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