#Zionist shill #AlexJones doesn’t criticize Jew-run, Jew-funded #CSPI for past support of #sucralose.

Was checking Infowars.com and the Alex Jones Show to see if Jones mentioned CSPI’s downgrading of sucralose – aka Splenda – from “caution” to “avoid” despite CSPI’s covert support of sucralose – while taking funding from a subsidiary of Splenda’s parent company Johnson & Johnson – and smearing anti-sucralose activists as “conspiracy theorists” and “fetishists“.

Guess what?

Jones and Infowars made ZERO MENTION WHATSOEVER.


Because CSPI is run by a Zionist Jew – whom also founded the organization – and funded by Zionist Jews.

Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. That is precisely why he doesn’t criticize CSPI. CSPI is z Zionist Jew front organization. Michael F. Jacobson does not run CSPI. Mossad does.



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