From 2008: #CSPI founder says attacking man-made additives is a #fetish. #MichaelFJacobson

Jacobson says that while it’s important to pay attention to the presence of many of these food additives, one shouldn’t fetishize them at the expense of several ingredients whose presence we take for granted in foods, namely sugar—in both its naturally occurring forms and in high-fructose corn syrup—and salt.

Equating sucralose skepticism – despite the fact that you just delisted sucralose to “avoid” after many years of calling sucralose skeptics “conspiracy theorists” – with foot fetishes and bestiality is a desperate low.

To call activism a “fetish” is a sign of a desperate attack by a corporate shill, and Michael F. Jacobson is a corporate shill posing as an “anti-corporate activist”.

It’s a wonder Jacobson didn’t equate sucralose skeptics with pedophiles and Islamofascists.


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