Will #CSPI apologize for smearing #sucralose skeptics as conspiracy theorists? Probably not. #CSPINET

Comment: So CSPI, how many people have died due to you sick freaks calling people “conspiracy theorists” for speaking out against aspartame? You’re just trying to cover your asses.

CSPI Downgrades Sucralose from “Caution” to “Avoid”


Flashback from 2008: CSPI calls allegations of Splenda toxicity “conspiracy theories”.

• Sucralose. Don’t believe the manufacturer’s claim that this sweetener is “natural” or “tastes like sugar since it’s made from sugar.” But also don’t believe the Internet conspiracy theories that it’s toxic; it appears to be safe. Used as a tabletop sweetener (Splenda) and in some baked goods, frozen desserts, and diet soft drinks. Unfortunately, it’s often used with acesulfame.


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