Like father, like son. Silver Jews frontman David Berman is a Zionist. #SilverJews #DavidBerman

From 2006:

While Jews visiting Israel is hardly an unusual event, the arrival of the Silver Jews is worth noting. An indie rock band with a strong country and lo-fi flavor, the Silver Jews will play two shows in Tel Aviv this week as part of the group’s first European tour. Led by front man David Berman, the Jews have garnered critical acclaim for their lyrics (described as both witty and profound) as much as for their music. Founded in 1989 by Berman, the band played under various guises and names and with a slightly alternating cast of players that included Berman’s college friend Stephen Malkmus on vocals and guitar. Malkmus left the band at one point to form a separate group, but returned for the Jews’ 1998 album American Water, considered one of its best. Berman has also experienced success as the writer of a poetry collection entitled Actual Air. The Silver Jews will be performing on Monday, July 10, at Mayumana House and for an already sold-out audience on Tuesday, July 11, at The Patiphone. Both shows are set to begin at 8 p.m., and remaining tickets can be purchased for NIS 120 by calling (054) 576-9997.

I bet no Palestinians were allowed to attend your show, were they David? You’re a Zionist scumbag like your dad. Both of you can burn in Hell.


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