Why won’t #CSPI call for banning #Coke and #DietCoke?

We all know how soft drinks negatively impact out health. And we all know how Coca-Cola uses propaganda in the guise of advertisements to promote its products and to dismiss the health dangers of aspartame.

If you go to CSPI’s website and their Facebook page, you will see their posts about how the Coca-Cola Company promotes its toxic crap, and you will also see how CSPI produces a parody of Coca-Cola’s “polar bears” ads in order to alert consumers to how bad for your health Coca-Cola products are.

What you will NOT see is CSPI calling for banning Coca-Cola and Diet Coke.


Because CSPI heads a nutrition coalition called the National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity (NANA), and one of the steering committee members is a Monsanto front group named the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) – the former American Dietetic Association.

Guess who funded the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics until September 2015?


(On a side note, AND is now funded by PepsiCo.)

Groups such as CSPI are nothing but controlled opposition for the very industries they claim to be fighting. They are the foxes guarding the henhouse.


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