PETA’s xenophobic attack against Russia for sending monkeys into space

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PETA is a disgusting Zionist Jew run organization who takes its batting orders from the CIA and Mossad to attack anybody who stands opposed to America’s imperialistic agenda.

These are the hardcore facts about PETA that not even the Center for Consumer Freedom will dare expose:

  • PETA hates 9/11 truthers, censors 9/11 truth comments on their website and social media pages (Facebook/YouTube/etc.), and openly promotes the official 9/11 fairy tale. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to promote pro-GMO propaganda on their website and social media pages (Facebook/YouTube/etc.) and will censor anybody who dares counter the Monsanto trolls or expose the Monsanto trolls for being Monsanto trolls. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA pays Zionist Jews to openly spew Islamophobia in Muslim areas, and if you criticize them for doing so, you are smeared as a Jew hater and an anti-semite. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA openly hires Zionist Jews with CIA/Mossad connections, immediately promotes them to the elite “inner circle”, and pays them to throw tofu cream pies at Oscar de la Renta and dead raccoons at Anna Wintour. (This perfectly describes Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Rebecca “Violet” Nichols.)
  • PETA openly mocks the Holocaust – the “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign which was created by a Zionist Jew – and does not face criminal prosecution in Europe for doing so. (Mocking the Holocaust is a serious crime in most of Europe, especially Germany and France.)
  • PETA openly equates factory farmed animals with blacks, gays, women, and Jews. However, you won’t see the NAACP attack PETA for promoting racism. (And if you question why the NAACP won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a racist.) You won’t see GLAAD attack PETA for promoting homophobia. (And if you question why GLAAD won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a homophobe.) You won’t see the NOW attack PETA for promoting misogyny. (And if you question why NOW won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a sexist and misogynist. Oh, and according to the third-wave feminists, you’re a sexist if you eat meat.) And you won’t see the ADL and/or SPLC attack PETA for promoting anti-semitism.

PETA is nothing but a tool of the Zionist Occupied Government. They are ZOGs to the very core. The real power in PETA lies in Bruce Friedrich, a Zionist Jew. Ingrid Newkirk is just a puppet that the Zionists put to “run” PETA so people wouldn’t learn the hardcore truth that the Jews run PETA.

(Special thanks to TheZOG for the info on Bruce Friedrich.)


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