Has the federal government shut down the Center for Consumer Freedom? #ConsumerFreedom #HumaneWatch

I’ve noticed that CCF’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed – along with HumaneWatch’s Facebook page (HumaneWatch’s Twitter feed appears to have had zero activity since it was set up) – have had no posts or activity for over three weeks.

I wonder if the federal government decided to take action based on the allegations that Berman takes CCF donations and funnels the money to his for-profit PR firm Berman & Company.

If so, then perhaps the IRS has seized CCF’s assets pending a full investigation of its activities. (If it’s discovered that CCF donations were indeed funnelled to Berman & Company, then Berman is guilty of violating federal tax code as well as tax evasion.) Perhaps it will be found out that Berman paid former employee David Martosko to infiltrate animal rights groups on Facebook and make threatening posts and appear to be an agent provocateur. (If that’s the case, Berman would be guilty on federal terrorism charges.)

If Berman has indeed violated federal tax laws and federal terrorism laws, then he deserves to not only rot in a 3×5 federal prison cell for the rest of his life, but he also deserves to have all his assets – including websites, “non-profit” organizations, PR firm, personal/private property, and bank accounts – seized by the federal government, and any co-conspirators – David Martosko included – deserve the same.

The death of the Center for Consumer Freedom would actually be a good thing because it would mean one less Monsanto front group to worry about.


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