Anti-GMO activsts target of gun control. #GMO #HRC #Monsanto #CSPI #CarolTuckerForeman

As everybody knows, President Obama has issued new gun control executive orders which will be used to strip gun rights from anybody deemed to be mentally ill.

Let’s take a look back.

Before 1973, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Would the leftist back then had staged protests and riots if Nixon – in the wake of RFK’s assassination – issued an executive order banning gays from owning or using firearms?

A few years ago, the Medical-Industrial Complex created the term “orthoexia nervosa” to say that anybody who practices or promotes “healthy eating” – that is, rejecting food made by globalist corporations which contain toxic additives, toxic chemicals, and GMO ingredients – are mentally ill. (Also, for years, animal rights activists have implied that meat eaters are mentally ill.)

Why would the government want to target anti-GMO activists for gun confiscations? Simple. Because the globalists have already selected their next President and next Secretary of Agriculture, and both are associated with Monsanto and are also pro-GMO.

Relax, liberals. Donald Trump will not be your next President. Hillary Clinton will be. (Trump is a Clinton operative paid to discredit the GOP.)

Clinton has been pro-GMO ever since she worked at the Rosen Law Firm and defended Monsanto.

And who will Hillary Clinton appoint to be the Secretary of Agriculture and run the USDA? Carol Tucker Foreman.

Carol Tucker Foreman is a longtime Monsanto associate. When Foreman was Assistant Secretary of Agriculture under the Carter Administration  (sorry libs…your beloved “liberal icon” Jimmy Carter is a Monsanto ass-kisser as well), she implemented a “low fat diet” as official U.S. nutrition policy. (Immediately after “low fat” became official nutrition policy, rates of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and autism skyrocketed.)

According to Fat Head director Tom Naughton:

Carol Tucker-Foreman, the assistant secretary of the USDA, believed in the low fat theory, and wanted to issue official guidelines to tell everybody how to eat.  To make sure she was on solid scientific ground, she consulted with Philip Handler, a nutritionist who was also President of the National Academy of Sciences. Just one little problem… Handler told her that the McGovern Committee’s report was nonsense. So she did what any dedicated government official would do.  She ignored him, shopped around for a scientist who agreed with her, then issued the guidelines.

They went to great lengths to overlook anything that did not fall into lockstep with that belief, and basically just unleashed what amounted to a several decade long experiment in which all of us were unwitting participants.” -Dr. Mary Dan Eades

Foreman runs a shady front group named the Consumer Federation of America which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

According to SourceWatch, Foreman worked for the Monsanto company, lobbying in support of the company’s campaign to win approval for Monsanto’s genetically-engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

According to The Nation:

Foreman launched her own DC lobby firm – after she left the USDA – with many corporate clients. While paid by Monsanto to lobby for rBGH, Foreman also coordinated the Safe Food Coalition, whose members include a number of big Washington-based nonprofits such as Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

(CSPI is also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.)

In addition to running the CFA, Foreman also runs her own for-profit lobbying firm. Gee, doesn’t that remind you of Rick Berman running the Center for Consumer Freedom (also funded by Monsanto) while running his own for-profit lobbying firm? Does Foreman funnel donations to the CFA to her for-profit lobbying firm the same as Berman does? If so, the liberals will give her a pass because she’s a liberal Democrat. (Either that or they will accuse you of being a misogynistic conspiracy theorist.)

Why would Monsanto want Clinton running the country and Foreman running the USDA?

For one thing, they could use the gender of Clinton and Foreman to use the “sexist” and “misogynist” labels against anybody who oppose Clinton and Foreman for their love of Monsanto and GMOs.

For another thing, they could use the fact that the two most powerful Monsanto operatives running the country as an excuse to pressure the government to label anybody opposed to Monsanto or GMOs as “mentally ill” and strip them of their gun rights in order to prevent an armed uprising of anti-GMO activists demanding that GMOs be banned.

In addition, they could use the long-debunked “GMO foods feed starving African babies” claim in order to discredit anti-GMO activists as “racists who want starving black babies in Africa to die.”

Now you know why Obama passed the executive order on gun control. It’s to protect Monsanto.


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