PETA: Jews for the Illegal Assassination of Muslims #JewsRunPETA

Comment: PETA should change its name to JIAM: Jews for the Illegal Assassination of Muslims.

Notice the psyop here. PETA actually insinuates that if you’re against them or if you eat meat, you’re with al-Qaeda. Never mind the fact that there were news reports of bin Laden dying a few months after 9/11, the FBI never listed the 9/11 attacks as a crime bin Laden was wanted for, and the reports of bin Laden stunt doubles including “fat Osama”. (Please also read “Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video”.)

It makes me sad that 9/11 truthers belong to PETA while PETA openly promotes the government’s official 9/11 story and censors and blocks anybody who promotes any alternative viewpoints of 9/11 on its website, Facebook page, or YouTube videos. (If you’ll notice, comments are closed for the blog post on PETA’s page. They closed comments immediately after I left a 9/11 truth comment asking why NORAD stood down and how the U.S. government created, trained, and funded the “terrorists”.)


Bite Osama bin Laden’s Head Off

Written by PETA | May 2, 2011

If you’re a little hungry after being up all night watching the news and chanting “USA! USA!” we’ve got the perfect snack for you: PETA’s “Bin Laden Bites” chocolates.

When we sent these delicious dairy-free chocolates to troops in Afghanistan a couple of years ago, they were great for cravings and target practice. Now we’re sending them to the Navy SEALs who took the terrorist down in order to show our appreciation.

And one lucky PETA Files reader can have death by chocolate delivered right to his or her door. Just post a comment to this blog by Thursday, May 5th at 12 p.m., and a winner will be chosen at random on May 10th. If you don’t win, you can still order a supply of the star-spangled sweets—and if you have a current military address, we’ll throw in the shipping for free.

You can also show your patriotic pride with our “Proud to Be a Vegetarian American” bumper sticker,” just re-released to celebrate the occasion.
Written by Michelle Sherrow


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