Twitter user @GlobalVegans equates meat eaters with terrorists.

Just wait. When meat eaters are arrested for hate crimes for eating meat in the presence of vegans and when meat eaters are arrested for hate crimes for making fun of vegans and animal rights activists and when anti-GMO activists are arrested for hate crimes for criticizing pro-GMO vegans as Monsanto shills, radical vegans will use hate speech against meat eaters and nothing will be done to them because the Soros-controlled radical left controls the government and the courts.

Oh wait. Radical vegans already are using hate speech against meat eaters. Last I checked, Freelee The Banana Girl – I wonder if she uses bananas as dildos and shoves bananas up her coochie and her ass because no man in his right mind would fuck that idiot – hasn’t been arrested for hate speech.

Animal rights and ethical veganism were not designed to protect the animals or promote healthy lifestyles. They were designed to dumb people down and destabilize the West to achieve the globalists’ agenda of global government.

Ingrid Newkirk does not run PETA. She is just a puppet for Soros, the CIA, MI6, and Mossad.

I have already been censored for exposing the truth about the fake animal rights movement and ethical veganism and PETA. For posting the truth about the animal rights movement and PETA, I was banned by Google. My YouTube channel was terminated. My Google Plus page was terminated. And even my Gmail account was terminated. Yes, Google banned me for promoting “hate speech”.

But that’s okay. I created another Google account and another YouTube channel to defeat these rat bastards.


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