Social Justice Warrior says meat eaters should be executed.

Comment: Yet if I called for Freelee The Banana Girl to be executed for being a radical vegan fascist, I would be arrested for hate crimes and terrorism, and rightly so. Why why are these vegan fascists allowed to spew their hatred of meat eaters without being arrested for terroristic threats? Because they are Soros/COINTELPRO/CIA/MI6/Mossad operatives and therefore are above the law.

From my personal experience, most militant vegans are government-paid provocateurs paid to stir up a violent response in order to crack down on free speech and to justify increased online surveillance.

My opinion is that “Freelee” is a government operative paid to stir up a violent response so that when somebody sends this bitch a death threat, the government will use that as a pretext to criminalize all criticism of veganism/vegetarianism and vegans/vegetarians as a “hate crime”. We’ve seen the SJW “feminists” and “fat pride activists” use the same tactic to use the internet to drudge up support for their phony causes and to criminalize their opposition as “hate criminals”.

“Vegan rights” is not about freedom for vegans. It’s about taking away the rights of meat eaters, making meat eaters sub-human, and equating them with racists and sexists and homophobes and Islamofascists – as well as Islamophobes and anti-semites. (Remember if you eat bacon, you hate Jews and Muslims and are a hate criminal.) It’s about goading meat eaters into saying something stupid online so meat eaters can be put on terror watchlists and have their online activities spied upon by Homeland Security.

It’s about the coming deputizing of PETA as a government agency whose sole purpose will be to use brute force to enforce the globalists’ anti-pet, anti-meat agenda. Ten years from now, PETA will probably be part of the USDA, and PETA agents will be armed with semi-automatic rifles and tasers, and they will bust down your door if you’re suspected of eating meat or having pets. And if you resist arrest, they will either taser you and charge you with resisting arrest by a federal officer (a federal felony) or they will just pump you, your family, and your pets full of bullet holes and claim that you killed your family and pets in a murder-suicide.

When Social Justice Warriors say their opposition deserves to die, that is code for “people who oppose us deserve to be executed by the government.”

Social Justice Warriors are terrorists. Bush said the terrorists attacked us on 9/11 because they hate us for our freedoms. Well look who’s attacking us because they hate us for our freedoms, and it isn’t al-Qaeda. In fact, al-Qaeda are saints compared to the Social Justice Warriors.

Militant Vegan Thinks Meat Eaters Should Die

By R. Brownell


The meat-eating community around the globe lit up in outrage overnight after the self-proclaimed YouTube celebrity “Freelee the Banana Girl” went on a rant against meat eaters asking her viewers if meat eaters really “deserve to continue living”. According to

The Queensland-born vegan, who identifies herself as Freelee the Banana Girl, posted the rant online last month but overnight the video was reposted to LiveLeak where it has generated over 2000 comments, many expletive-laden and hateful. In the video the self-described “YouYube health guru” ponders out loud “whether people who continue to eat meat and dairy, even though they know the impact of their diet choices on the planet, on the animals … whether they actually deserve to continue living”.

After receiving a large volume of negative comments from the meat-eating community, Freelee did step back an inch in order to clarify on her hyperbolic statement, claiming that “we live in an extreme, dramatic world”, thus being the reason why she chose to make such a radical comment to begin with.Some of the reaction to Freelee’s rant sparked outrage around the world, like from one commenter from Germany:

“You cant (sic) convince people with extremist thoughts like those – obviously there is truth in the core of her agenda – i think its not clever to produce millions of tons of cheap meat because that production will always include animals suffering… i think it would be usefull to convince people with facts and good arguments rather than sitting in front of a webcam saying they all should die”
The responses didn’t just stop at angry comments though, because “in the wake of the video’s publication on Freelee’s YouTube channel she lost more than 2000 of her 350,000-plus subscribers”.
Yet, does any of the hate Freelee has been receiving bother her at all? Nope, in a recent comment from the Banana Girl herself, this was great because she didn’t want “mediocre minds” following her in the first place.

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