Was Edward Bernays the greatest vegan propagandist of all time?



So where is the media outrage over Edward Bernays using his media/propaganda skills to help the Beech Nut Company into conning millions of Americans into thinking that “bacon and eggs” was the ideal American breakfast?


It was also around this time that the Illuminati created the British Vegan Society which is the root of modern-day “ethical veganism” practiced by rabid animal rights extremits as a religion. (EDIT: The British Vegan Society was created in 1944. Bernays’ “bacon and eggs” propaganda for Beech Nut was in the 1920s.) (“Ethical veganism” is actually recognized by UK courts as a religion. This means that it is illegal in the UK to discriminate against vegans. And according to UK hate speech laws, it’s even illegal to ridicule and criticize ethical vegans for their beliefs, however to date nobody has been arrested for insulting vegans. But it won’t be long before people are arrested for hate crimes for making fun of vegans.)

So it makes me wonder if Edward Bernays knew back then about the health risks of processed meats such as bacon. If he knew back then about the health risks of bacon, maybe he knew that the health risks of bacon and other processed meats would eventually be known to the public, and maybe he knew that the public’s perception of the health risks of processed meats would convince them that all meat – including from wild game – is bad for you and cause everybody to reject all meat and eventually all animal-based foods including backyard eggs and raw milk.

Perhaps Bernays’ “bacon and eggs” propaganda was part of the globalist vegan agenda to make people reject all meat and a future where the general public beg the government to ban all animal-based foods in the name of “national security”.


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