Monsanto shill “Skeptical Raptor” calls for criminalizing anti-GMO activism, says anti-GMO activists are racist and “prefer the poor to die”.

The Skeptical Raptor and “Jeff Jeff” left the following comments:

Ever notice how many of those so strongly against GMO seem to be in developed countries with an excess of food. I live in the philippines where a recent test planting of golden rice was destroyed due to a bunch of idiots buying in to these nonsense, and all of those committing the acts of destruction were middle class and up, from the city and no clue what it is like to be starving.

It really should be illegal to be so scientifically illiterate in today’s society. And the harm people like these Anti-GMO and Anti-vaxx people cause is just astronomical…but they do not care, they plow along like a bull damn those in their wake, they must stick to their nonsense.

If only we could make it illegal. Golden rice will save lives, but the racists who make up the anti-GMO world prefer the poor to die than to save their lives. I don&#039t get it.


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