Day 2 of my liver/colon cleanse

Well it’s day two of my liver/colon cleanse.

How are things going?

Well yesterday I had four bowel movements and felt so light and clean. (The Advanced Liver Cleanse product page says that 3-5 movements are optimal during the cleanse.)

Last night I decided to take six Oxy Powder capsules – instead of four – along with a couple squirts of Liver Shield.

This morning, I had two bowel movements and I’m about to go have my third for the day. (EDIT 1:15 PM: Just got back from my third BM, and it was a massive watery ejection.)

I’ve had no discomfort whatsoever. My bowel movements don’t feel like “Mount St. Helens exploding from my asshole” (thank you L.A. Beast for that classic line lol), but they still feel as if I’m basically pissing out of my ass. But this is to be expected if you look up the information about the Advanced Liver Cleanse.

I watched a video of Rob Dew’s testimonial about his experience with Oxy Powder and he claimed he lost 12 pounds during his 6 day Oxy Powder cleanse. I don’t doubt him one bit. My first bowel movement yesterday morning was massive, and I’m sure that was all of the built-up fecal matter stuck in my colon.

This stuff really works!

EDIT: Had two more watery movements since my third.


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