Zionist Jew animal rights extremist Gary Yourofsky advocates the rape and murder of meat eaters.

Comment: What else would you expect from a Zionist Jew?

Zionist Jews like Gary Yourofsky and Zionist Jew-funded groups such as PETA are allowed to assault reporters, threaten whistleblowers’ families, and equate slaughterhouse animals with Jewish holocaust victims and nobody calls for them to be arrested or be investigated, but I get my YouTube account terminated and threatened with arrest for equating the millions of dogs and cats that PETA has gassed to death with the millions of Jews that the Nazs gassed to death.



Animal Rights Speaker Sparks Controvery, First Amendment Issues

Monday, Jan 28, 2008 @08:04pm CST

Gary Yourofsky doesn’t apologize for his radical stance on animal rights. In fact, he says enlightened people don’t consider him to be that radical.

“Consuming cut up pieces of animal corpses is not enlightened,” said Yourofsky Monday after a presentation before a journalism class at the University of Southern Indiana. He went on to say he supports the killing and raping of humans who kill animals in the name of meat and fur production, and medical and pharmaceutical research.

“My empathy is only for victims, human or nonhuman, I don’t have empathy for victimizers,” he said.

Yourofsky’s speech came less than a year after an earlier engagement was canceled by the University, which cited a policy barring speakers who advocate breaking state and federal laws.

Members of the campus Society of Professional Journalists lobbied to bring him back, saying that in spite of his controversial stance, as a public university, the school should give him the opportunity to speak. Explaining his support for letting speakers of all viewpoints address his classes, journalism professor Chad Tew explained that, in his view, USI “really serves a vital need, brining people in from outside, even if they are controversial.” He said his students could “make any decision they wnat, but they’ve got to be exposed” to foreign ideas.

Not all of the students who listened to Yourofsky were shocked, and some said they had no plans to change their diets to reduce or remove meat.

“I actually am a meat cutter at Schnuks,” said one. “I really wasn’t listening to it.”

Others were moved by the presentation. “I didn’t want to hear it,” said a student, “It made me change my opinion, whether it’ll change the way I eat, we’ll see.”


One thought on “Zionist Jew animal rights extremist Gary Yourofsky advocates the rape and murder of meat eaters.

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