How can we expect legal pot when the government wants to ban caffeine?

Comment: This is why the “War on Drugs” will never end. The government has ZERO INTEREST in legalizing drugs. If drugs were to be legalized, the prison industry would go bankrupt. The government has no interest in reducing the criminal population. Instead, they want to INCREASE the criminal population so that when the time comes when the government says all convicted felons have to be implanted with GPS microchips, over half the population will be microchipped.

And do you think they’ll stop at caffeine powder? Nope. Once they ban caffeine powder, they will start banning caffeine tablets such as Vivarin and No-Doz, and then caffeinated beverages starting with energy drinks followed by coffee, tea, and then soft drinks.

This is a message to ALL the “legalize pot” crowd: If you support a federal ban on caffeine, then you support the War on Drugs, and you are a traitor to your cause.


Ohio Senator wants caffeine powder banned nationwide

Updated: Fri, Jul 31 2015, 11:41 PM CINCINNATI (WKRC) — A US Senator from Ohio is trying to ban caffeine powder across the country.
Currently Ohio is the only state that bans the sale of it. Senator Sherrod Brown (D)-OH, along with an Ohio family who lost their son to pure caffeine, are asking the FDA to ban it nationwide.
Senator Brown said, “There’s no public purpose for the selling of powdered caffeine in bulk.”
Dennis Stiner, whose son died of an overdose, said, “We don’t want to see anymore die from taking a product that falls through a loophole as a dietary substance.”
Doctors said one teaspoon of pure caffeine is equal to 25 cups of coffee.

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