So when will WWE fire Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, and Michael Hayes?

As you all know, Hulk Hogan was recently fired from the WWE and virtually blacklisted from the wrestling industry for the racist tirade that made the news last week.

So where’s the outrage against Vince McMahon for using the n-word within close proximity of Booker T?

And where’s the outrage against Michael Hayes, the head of the road agents and the producers, for telling Mark Henry “I’m more of a n-word than you” and giving Henry the “Silverback” nickname?

(EDIT on January 19, 2015 – I have read that the Fabulous Freebirds are rumored to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. If the Freebirds are allowed to join the HoF knowing Michael Hayes’ documented racist statements, then Hulk Hogan’s HoF page should be reinstated.)

And where is the demand to have “Cowboy” Bill Watts removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for speaking out in support of racial segregation in a 1991 issue of Pro Wrestling Torch?

“If you want a business and you put money in, why shouldn’t you be able to discriminate? It’s your business. If free enterprise is going to make or break it, you should be able to discriminate? It should be that, by God, if you’re going to open your doors in America, you can discriminate. Why the fuck not? That’s why I went into business, so that I could discriminate. I mean, really. I mean I want to be able to serve who I want to. It’s my business. It’s my investment … I can’t tell a fag to get the fuck out. I should have the right to not associate with a fag if I don’t want to. I mean, why should I have to hire a fuckin’ fag, if I don’t like fags? Fags discriminate against us, don’t they? Sure they do … Do blacks discriminate against whites? Who’s killed more blacks than anyone? The fuckin’ blacks. But they want to blame that bullshit Roots that came on the air. That Roots was so bullshit. All you have to do if you want slaves is to hand beads to the chiefs and they gave you slaves. What is the best thing that has ever happened to the black race? That they were brought to this country. No matter how they got here. You know why? Because they intermarried and got educated. They’re the ones running the black race.You go down to the black countries and they’re all broke. Idi Amin killed more blacks than we ever killed. You see what I mean. That’s how stupid we are. But we get all caught up in this bullshit rhetoric, And so, it’s ridiculous what’s happening to our country. Lester Maddox (former Georgia governor and defiant restaurant operator) was right. If I don’t want to sell chicken to blacks I shouldn’t have to. It’s my restaurant. Hell, at least I respect him for his stand”.


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