Another legal precdent paves the way for opposing globalists’ ethical vegan agenda to be declared a hate crime.

Comment: As with the gay marriage debate and judges threatening to imprison and fine private business owners if they don’t serve gays, this will be used as a legal precedent by the vegan community to force private businesses as well as schools to offer vegan options, with legal consequences for those who refuse to comply.

Once the vegan community succeeds in gaining phony “civil rights” and succeeds in forcing businesses to offer vegan options, the next step will be for them to tell the same businesses “stop serving animal products, or we will take you to court for violating our civil rights.”

Then what comes after that?

“Eating meat, dairy, and eggs is a hate crime!”

“Saying ‘PETA kills animals’ is a hate crime!”

“Saying ‘the globalists created veganism to make people stupid’ is a hate crime!”

“Criticizing pro-GMO vegans for supporting GMOs is a hate crime!”

This legal precedent brings us one step closer to a future where criticizing veganism and animal rights will be declared a hate crime and meat eaters are put on domestic terrorist watchlists.

FitVeganGuru: “Meat eaters are terrorists and should be dealt with the same way.”

Michigan Settles Lawsuit with Vegan Prisoner

In federal court, a judge rules in favor of serving vegan meals in prison.

Michigan has agreed to pay $20,000 to settle a lawsuit by a vegan prisoner who had been denied special meals in prison since 2010. In federal court, a judge ruled that 80-year-old inmate George Hall has a right to vegan meals because of his religious beliefs. In the United States, prisons are required to provide special meals for inmates due to religious requirements or medical conditions, but most do not provide vegetarian meals for prisoners who request them for ethical reasons. Hall is not the first prisoner to encounter difficulties with his diet—a Marin County, CA, jail received criticism in 2011 from the American Civil Liberties Union when it denied a 70-year-old inmate vegetarian meals, causing him to lose 50 pounds during a 99-day sentence. Similarly, in April, actress Pamela Anderson promoted the country’s first meatless meal program at Arizona’s Maricopa County jail. “I believe people can be rehabilitated from the inside out,” Anderson said. “Jails are full of people wanting to change, to make amends, to learn healthier habits, and understand compassion and empathy.”


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