Jared Fogle Home Raided in Child Porn Investigation (Has Jared Fogle threatened to expose the truth about the “Subway Diet”?)

Comment: Did Jared Fogle threaten to expose the “Subway Diet” as a fraud? Did he threaten to say that his weight loss was a result from a gastric bypass surgery? (It has been rumoured for years that Fogle had gastric bypass surgery financed/paid by Subway, and that Subway paid Fogle to claim that his weight loss was from his “Subway Diet.”)

The “Subway Diet” is a documented fraud. Numerous people have attempted to replicate the “Subway Diet,” and instead of losing weight, they GAINED weight.

People gain weight from eating at Subway for numerous reasons:

  • The bread is made from bleached white flour which is pure starch.
  • Most of the bread contains high fructose corn syrup, which is made from GMO corn.
  • The regular soft drinks contain high fructose corn syrup – which is made from GMO corn – and other toxic additives.
  • The diet soft drinks contain the toxic artificial sweeteners aspartame (made from GMO bacteria), saccharin, and acesulfame potassium as well as other toxic additives.

It is impossible to lose weight from eating foods which actually cause obesity.

It is only logical to assume that Jared Fogle has threatened to come clean about how he truly lost weight, and now Subway is paying the feds to set Fogle up on phony child pornography charges.

Do you remember how thin he looked when he first debuted in Subway’s ads? Judging by the weight Fogle has put on over the years, he looks like your typical gastric bypass patient who loses a tremendous amount of weight only to put a bunch of weight back on.

Here is a photo of Carnie Wilson after she gastric bypass surgery:

And here is a photo of Carnie Wilson in 2010:
Now here’s Jared Fogle shortly after he started doing the Subway ads:
Now here’s Fogle on the day of the raid:

Look at the weight Fogle has put on since he debuted as Subway’s spokesperson.

Whistleblowers are routinely set up on phony criminal charges when they expose the truth about globalist corporations. Sometimes, these whistleblowers are even murdered and their deaths are ruled “suicide.”

EDIT: And now it’s been reported that Subway has dropped Fogle as its spokesperson, and Subway has removed all references to Fogle from their website. Maybe Fogle threatened their corporate interests after all.

Cops Search Home of Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s home in suburban Indianapolis was searched by police and federal agents on Tuesday morning.

Aerial footage from NBC affiliate WTHR showed the Zionsville house surrounded by police cars and cops. Agents took electronics, including a computer, from the home and carried them to an evidence truck in the driveway. At one point, Fogle stepped from his home and entered the truck.

Jared Fogle is seen outside of his home as the FBI searched the house. NBC News

The raid followed the April arrest of the executive director of Fogle’s nonprofit organization, the Jared Foundation, on charges related to child pornography. At the time, Fogle said in a statement that he was shocked at the charges and that his foundation was severing all ties to the director, Russell Taylor.

The nonprofit aims to help children combat obesity.

A Subway spokesman responded to word of Tuesday’s search with a statement in which the company said it knew little about it. “We are shocked about the news and believe it is related to a prior investigation of a former Jared Foundation employee,” the company said.

The FBI searched Jared Fogle’s home. NBC NEWS

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