Another phony animal rights group says GMO awareness is a distraction from animal rights.

Switching people from an animal food-centered diet to one based on starches (rice, corn, wheat, potatoes, beans, etc.) would dramatically, and almost overnight, reduce the farming of GMO foods.

LMFAO! Cargill admits that at least 1/3 of its corn crops are GMO crops. Do you know what happens when a GMO crop cross pollinates with a non-GMO crop? It gives rise to a new breed of GMO crop. If you actually think converting to veganism will reduce the farming of GMO crops, then you are foolish as you are stupid. Or are you just paid by Monsanto to spew pro-GMO propaganda?

With this long-overdue change in people’s diets (from animal-sources to starches), a glut of corn and soybeans would flood world markets and the need for GMO food production would be more than halved.

Again, you are wrong. Most of the global corn and soy crops are GMO, and there are already reports of pollen from GMO crops making their way to non-GMO crops. More pro-GMO propaganda paid for by Monsanto and Cargill.

There is no denying that the current epidemics of obesity and sickness in Western civilizations are not caused by GMO foods.

Wrong again, idiot. Are you denying the European scientific reports which link GMO corn and GMO soy to obesity and cancer? Of course you would. You’re a GMO shill.

Our future depends upon us taking actions based upon today’s facts and not upon tomorrow’s fantasies. Efforts refocused off of the GMO distraction and on to reducing livestock production have the potential to save billions of lives from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer—long before the first case of “human GMO disease” is ever reported.

Fantasies? So are you saying that anti-GMO activists are nothing but paranoid conspiracy theorists living in a fantasy world? Why don’t you just say that the anti-GMO movement was created by the meat industry to discredit veganism?

We already have “human GMO disease”. It’s called “pro-GMO vegans”. You pro-GMO vegans are why obesity and cancer and heart disease are at an all-time high. You are ecoterrorists who are paid by globalist scumfucks to defend frankenfood and smear critics of franenfood as “conspiracy theorists”.

Veganism was perfectly fine, but you Monsanto-loving animal rights assholes had to come fuck it up. If anything distracts from veganism, it’s you retarded animal rights assholes with your pro-GMO propaganda.

This is more proof that the animal rights movement was created by Monsanto.


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