Why criticizing veganism and animal rights will soon become a hate crime.

As many of you know, so-called “fat pride” activists have launched an all-out attack on anybody who advocates fitness, erects billboards promoting health and fitness, or merely asks why there is an obesity epidemic by labeling any dissenting viewpoints on obesity as “hate speech” and even reporting obesity skeptics to police for “hate crimes.”

Now I have learned that there is a possibility that ethical vegans – vegans who convert to veganism not for health reasons, but for animal rights reasons – will take a cue from the fat pride activists and have any dissenting viewpoints on ethical veganism and animal rights declared to be hate speech.

How will the ethical vegans accomplish this goal? By having veganism officially recognized by governments as a religion on par with Christianity, Islam, Zionism, and atheism.

In December 2012, Sakile S. Chenzira, at the time a customer service representative for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, was fired for refusing to take a vaccine because it contained egg products. In return, Ms. Chenzira filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that her dismissal was in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

In late 2013, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center reached a settlement.

This settlement creates a VERY dangerous precedent. What if vegans sue McDonald’s for not having enough vegan options What if vegans sue Berger King for not introducing a vegan version of the BK Veggie? (The current version of the BK Veggie is not vegan, as it contains dairy products.) Or worse yet, what if vegans sue a small “mom and pop” independent grocery store for not selling enough vegan foods? Unlike multi-billion dollar supermarket chains such as Kroger and Whole Foods, such a lawsuit would most likely put a “mom and pop” independent grocery store out of business.

I have personally seen people being attacked for promoting “hate speech” for merely pointing out that PETA kills most of the animals dropped off at its headquarters-slash-shelter in Norfolk, Virginia.  In fact, I am one of those who have been personally and viciously attacked for “promoting hate speech” for not only pointing out that PETA kills animals, but for also theorizing that PETA is COINTELPRO and set up by the animal agriculture industry to discredit legitimate animal welfare groups.

In fact, ethical vegans openly equate meat eating with racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Yet that doesn’t stop ethical vegans from engaging in sexist attacks against men to push their ethical vegan propaganda which they admit is to promote animal rights, not to promote healthy lifestyles.

So where is the outrage against the ethical vegans for their hate speech? Where is the outrage from the animal rights activists from Ingrid Newkirk admitting that Zionist Jews created the anti-semitic “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign? You will find none, because ethical veganism and animal rights are becoming the new darlings of the liberals, the socialists, the Marxists, and the communists. According to the controlled left, PETA is above the law and is allowed to do anything and say anything without consequence. Yet when I criticize CSPI for its pro-GMO agenda, I get falsely labeled as a Jew hater because CSPI’s founder and executive director Michael F. Jacobson is Jewish.

Try promoting GMO awareness to ethical vegans. They will attack you as a “nutritional elitist” and claim your views are “not vegan.” Yes, according to the ethical vegans, GMO skepticism is not a part of veganism.

Ethical veganism and animal rights are slowly but surely becoming the new Zionism. As with Zionism, according to the ethical vegans an d the animal rights activists, either you are with them, or you are with their enemies (the meat industry).

Are we heading for a future where questioning ethical veganism and animal rights will be a hate crime? Will GMO-eating vegetarians report you for hate crimes if you ask why they eat GMO foods? Judging by legal precedent, I say yes. It’s just a matter of time before ethical vegans and animal rights activists have this blog shut down for promoting “hate speech.”


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