TNA Wrestling is owned by a Monsanto ass-kisser.

In October 2002, Panda Energy purchased a controlling interest (72%) of the Nashville, Tennessee-based professional wrestlingpromotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from founder and CEO Jerry Jarrett.[citation needed] The seemingly unlikely acquisition came about after TNA publicist Dixie Carter, the daughter of Robert W. Carter, contacted her father and persuaded him to purchase the company (which was facing bankruptcy after a major financial backer, HealthSouth Corporation, withdrew their support).

On October 31, 2002, Panda Energy created the limited liability company TNA Entertainment in order to administer TNA. While Jeff Jarrett, the former President of TNA, was appointed Vice President, the majority of other management positions were filled by former Panda executives. Chris Sobol, the Panda Manager of Business Development, was appointed Vice President of Operations, and Frank Dickerson (and later Kevin Day) was appointed chief executive officer, while Dixie Carter was made President.

RobertW.Carter became Panda Ethanol’s chairman upon the incorporation of the company in October of 2006. Mr. Carter has more than 45 years of business experience with 30 years in the energy sector both in the United States and abroad. Mr. Carter founded Panda Energy in 1982 as chairman and CEO. Panda Energy became Panda Energy International Inc. in January 1995. Under Mr. Carter’s leadership, Panda has raised more than $5 billion dollars to develop and build more than 9,000 megawatts of power projects in the United States, the People’s Republic of China and the State of Nepal.

In 2005, Newsweek Magazine named Panda Development, a subsidiary of Panda Energy, as one of the ten most eco-friendly companies in America. In 2001, Panda Energy International was awarded Deal of the Year by International Financing Review for the company’s 2.2 billion dollar financing of the two largest gas-fired merchant power plants in the United States. Panda Energy International Inc. is one of the few remaining independent energy companies to prosper out of an original field of more than 100 companies.

Prior to entering the power sector, Mr. Carter founded Carter Oil and Gas Inc. in 1980 where he developed domestic and Columbian oil and gas prospects. Carter Oil and Gas co-ventured drilling prospects with Monsanto and Texaco, Sabine Royalty and King Ranch Oil and Gas. Before founding Carter Oil and Gas, Mr. Carter was vice president of oil and lease sales for Reserve Energy where he developed oil and chemical projects in the United States and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Carter spent his earlier career in the manufacturing sector where he represented Olin Matheson Chemical and Inland Mead Corporation.

Mr. Carter and his wife, Janice, have sponsored numerous civic and charitable organizations around the world. Mr. Carter’s personal and business philosophy is based upon the principles of integrity and service to others. He has learned through experience how to achieve success through wise and productive use of ideas and capital. Mr. Carter attended the University of Georgia.

TNA Wrestling is owned by an asshole who used to do business ventures with Monsanto. In my opinion, once a Monsanto ass-kisser, always a Monsanto ass-kisser. THIS is why TNA Wrestling deserves to go out of business…not because they’re WCW wannabes.


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