Vermont reps threaten to ban alcoholic beverages if state doesn’t legalize marijuana.

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I’m sorry, but this is not the way to go about legalizing pot. This is just like a spoiled brat threatening to “take his ball and go home” if he doesn’t get his way during a game.

The point of legalization/decriminalization of pot is for less government control of what you put in your bodies, not more government control. Threatening to reinstate prohibition is just giving the nanny state more power over our bodies. What are you gonna do when future reps threaten to ban meat or soda if the bans on alcohol and pot aren’t overturned?

But then again, we are talking about Vermont who passed a half-assed GMO labeling law which would go into effect only if the surrounding states pass GMO labeling laws. GMO labeling laws just give agribusiness giants like Monsanto and Cargill carte blanche to poison everybody with GMO foods…as long as foods containing GMO ingredients are labels as containing such.

Vermont is run by nitwits, assholes, scumbags, fuck-ups, and dip-shits.


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