The truth about CSPI’s soda tax agenda and soda tax lawmaker Rosa DeLauro.

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Why does CSPI push for a soda tax?

Is it to make people healthy?

No. It’s all about the money.

CSPI is nothing but a front group for the Rockefeller Foundation which for many years was headed by David Rockefeller.

For many years, David Rockefeller was president and chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan Chase).

Using his immense wealth from his banking career, Rockefeller became involved in philanthropic work, which is code for “social engineering”. Among the various enterprises Rockefeller got involved with were the Exelon Corporation and the Stone Barns organic farm. (As this blog has exhaustively documented, Exelon’s Indian Point power plant has killed millions of fish in the Hudson River, and Stone Barns slaughtered a 900 pound hog and turned him into bacon and sausage, and PETA did not speak out against either because they have received money from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.)

CSPI is an off-shoot of Ralph Nader’s Center for the Study of Responsive Law, co-founded in 1971 by a microbiologist (Michael F. Jacobson), a meteorologist (James L. Sullivan – now working for the Military-Industrial Complex front organization USAID), and a Jesuit environmentalist (Al Fritsch). After Sullivan and Fritsch left CSPI, CSPI concentrated on food-related issues.

If CSPI was really concerned about food safety, they would refuse to shill for GMO foods. Instead, they let Gregory Jaffe, an attorney with no scientific qualifications whatsoever, tell the world that GMO foods are “safe” when European lab testing has concluded that GMO food are anything but safe.

If CSPI was really concerned about food safety, they would call for sucralose (Splenda) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) to be banned. Instead, CSPI merely reclassifies sucralose from “safe” to “caution” and classifies MSG as “certain people should avoid”.

Who benefits from excise taxes? The same bankster scum who created the Federal Reserve, the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission. The banksters are one great big mafioso cartel. Taxes are their pizzo. The IRS is their capo. And advocates of more taxes – such as CSPI – are nothing but “made men”, the underlings of the capos.

CSPI was – from the very start – clearly set up by the Rockefellers to protect their interests as well as to steal from the poor and the middle class to empower the rich to where eventually the rich will control 99.99% of the wealth while the poor will have to scrape and fight for the remaining 0.01%.

Michael F. Jacobson does not run CSPI. JPMorgan Chase does.

In addition, Rosa DeLauro – the congressperson who drafted the SWEET Act – is married to Stan Greenberg, an attorney who has Monsanto as a client.

Why would Monsanto be behind a soda tax? Because as more people are becoming aware of the negative health impact of high fructose corn syrup, people are switching to sodas sweetened with regular sugar (pure cane sugar or GMO beet sugar). The “SWEET Act” will not tax aspartame-sweetened sodas. (At one time, Monsanto owned the Nutrasweet Company which was the most prominent manufacturer or aspartame for many years.)

The “SWEET Act” has Monsanto stench written all over it. It’s not about making people healthy. It’s about forcing people to either pay more to drink sugary sodas or pay less to drink aspartame sodas, get brain cancer, and die. CSPI and Rosa DeLauro are in bed with Monsanto.


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