“Black Lives Matter” is COINTELPRO phony grassroots like the fake-liberal animal rights movement.

“Black lives matter” is as phony as the controlled-left “animal rights movement”. Both claim to be one thing while actually being something else.

Both using ridiculous stunts to discredit legitimate grassroots movements.

Both openly ridiculing and ostracizing likeminded individuals who don’t resort to dogmatic hyperbole and ridiculous stunts. (If you’re a black and you don’t support the ridiculous stunts of “Black Lives Matter”, you are called an Uncle Tom. On the other hand, if you’re an animal welfare activist and support “no-kill shelters” as Nathan Winograd does, the phony animal rights activists will openly smear you and defame you as “shill”, “breeder”, and the ever-tiresome “industry operative”.)

Fake liberals like to throw words like “conspiracy theory,” “industry shill,” and “industry operative” to silence legitimate criticism of globalist entities including megacorporations and fake-liberal tax-exempt charities which have been exhaustively linked to the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Medical Industrial Complex. The fake liberals are the true “industry shills” and “industry operatives”.

Terms like “racist” and “shill” are fake-liberal code words which mean “we cannot counter your legitimate points, so we’re going to personally attack you and protect our handlers’ corporate interests”.

And what happens when those fake-liberal code words fail to make an impact? They just have one of their fake-conservative buddies such as David Martosko – a paid Monsanto operative – make false-flag threats against fake-liberal animal rights activists in order to equate opponents of the fake animal rights movement with “domestic extremism”.

Why do you think the Obama administration allows PETA to use COINTELPRO tactics against the world – including Muslims – and openly allowing PETA to equate meat eaters and opponents of the fake animal rights movement with Osama bin Laden, David Duke, Benito Mussolini, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson? Because since a fake liberal is the President of the United States, the fake animal rights activists are above the law. (This blog gets routinely visited by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense because I show legitimate opposition to PETA. According to the federal government, I am a domestic extremist for exposing PETA as a phony COINTELPRO operation. They wouldn’t be visiting my blog if I was just repeating talking points from fake-conservative people like the Center for Consumer Freedom and HumaneWatch. Since I’m aware of the phony “opposition” between PETA and the Center for Consumer Freedom, I am considered a dangerous extremist.) Back when George W. Bush was President, the controlled right – Fox News and Free Republic – frequently claimed that PETA was a domestic terrorist organization because they donated to the legal defense funds of the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. (If you use that logic of reasoning, then you have to assume that a defense attorney who represents somebody charged with terrorism is a terrorist by association.)

The fake liberals behind the fake “Black Lives Matter” movement and the fake “animal rights” movement are above the law because a fake liberal is in the White House. If it were a fake-conservative Republican in the White House, people associated with the fake “Black Lives Matter” movement and the fake “animal rights” movement would have DHS, FBI, CIA, and NSA on their asses like flies on feces.

So libs, be glad the globalists rigged the 2012 election in favour of Obama and not Romney. And you better pray the globalists rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, you fake “Black Lives Matter” activists and fake “animal rights” activist will have DHS, FBI, CIA, and NSA on your asses like flies on feces.


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