Alex Jones: “If George Soros is for it, I’m against it!” (Alex Jones hates Linux, Richard Stallman, and the free software movement.)

That quote was stated by Jones at the 3 minute mark in hour two of his March 13, 2015 radio show.

So Alex, according to your statement, you’re against the open-source software movement and Canonical Software which makes one of the best alternatives to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X: Ubuntu.

Fuck you, Alex Jones. I love Ubuntu Linux and the free/libre open source software community, and if that means I’m a Soros operative, then I’m with George Soros.


My old job, European Affairs Coordinator of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is up for grabs! It’s hard and rewarding work, with a lot of travel and the chance to make a real difference. If you or someone you know is the kind of person who’d fit in as a copyright and digital liberties wonk in Brussels, see the job posting for application details.

The position is jointly funded by Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth and George Soros’s Open Society Initiative.


Among those backing the effort are the Open Society Institute (which is linked to the Soros Foundation), the Shuttleworth Foundation (which is heavily involved in promoting education in Africa), Creative Commons, and numerous educators involved in open access projects. Many of the organizers met in Cape Town last year to discuss issues related to open access — and that’s the origin of the name. The statement is being issued at a time that numerous efforts already exist to make course content available online and free. Projects like OpenCourseWare at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Connexions at Rice University are putting vast sums of materials online and making them available. Yale University is making video of selected courses available.


FFII thanks its many generous private and corporate sponsors. Your support is instrumental for our mission.

In particular, we gratefully acknowledge funding by :

the Open Society Institute (George Soros, OSI).
Canonical Ltd (Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu)

Manfred trades ideas for kudos via the Free Intellect Foundation, bastard child of George Soros and Richard Stallman.


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