#IngridNewkirk admits anti-semitic “#HolocaustOnYourPlate” created by a #Zionist #Jew.

Hard as it may be to understand for those who were deeply upset by this campaign, I was bowled over by the negative reception by many in the Jewish community. It was both unintended and unexpected. The PETA staff who proposed that we do it were Jewish, and the patronage for the entire endeavor was Jewish. We were careful to use Jewish authors and scholars and quotes from Holocaust victims and survivors. And since, among the monotheistic faiths, Judaism has some of the strongest teachings regarding compassion for animals, I truly believed, as did the Jewish staff members who proposed the exhibit, that a large segment of the Jewish community would support it.


And THAT is exactly why PETA did not face prosecution in Germany on hate speech charges. (In Germany, mocking the Holocaust in considered “criminal hate speech.”) Because PETA is run by Zionist Jews and funded by Zionist Jews.


4 thoughts on “#IngridNewkirk admits anti-semitic “#HolocaustOnYourPlate” created by a #Zionist #Jew.

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