Is Putin’s GMO labeling law a COINTELPRO tactic to equate GMO labeling supporters with Putin supporters?

Comment: Watch the controlled corporate media use Putin signing this law to equate anti-GMO activism with support for Putin.

Who stands to gain from equating anti-GMO activism with support for Putin? Monsanto and its many front groups including – but not limited to – the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Soon, the controlled corporate media will tell everybody “it is your patriotic duty to support Monsanto, support GMO foods, and eat GMO foods” and “if you’re against Monsanto and GMO foods, then you are a traitor to America”.

Besides, GMO labeling is a false solution because it preaches phony “co-existence” which will ensure that GMO crops remain and will eventually cross-pollinate with non-GMO crops and turn ALL crops into GMO crops. That’s something the Rockefeller-funded Center for Food Safety and the rest of the phony “Just Label It” crowd hope you never realize.

Russian President Putin Signs GMO Labeling Liability Law

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences into law, including a new article establishing liability for the violation of mandatory requirements for the labeling of food products that contain GMOs.

Putin signed the new bill on the last day of 2014 TASS news agency reported.

The bill which was submitted by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) imposes fines for vague or unclear labeling on food products containing genetically modified ingredients.

According to the bill, individual entrepreneurs could be fined up to 50,000 rubles ($890), and the products will be confiscated. Business entities face a fine of up to 150,000 rubles (over $5,300).

President Putin said in 2014 that Russia must protect its citizens from overconsumption of products containing genetically modified organisms. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev followed this with a statement that Russia has no intention to import GMOs, however there are still large quantities of GMO foods being imported in to Russia.

Russian Minister of Agriculture Nikolai Fyodorov believes that Russia must remain a GMO-free country. At a meeting of deputies representing rural areas organized by United Russia, he said that the government will not “poison their citizens.”

In February, a group of senators from Russia’s Federation Council introduced a bill seeking to prohibit the distribution and import of products containing GMOs in Russia.


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