PETA is COINTELPRO: PETA uses religion to create infighting in animal rights movement.

This is why every time PETA opens its mouth, it alienates meat eaters and vegans alike.

This is nothing but a COINTELPRO-style “divide and conquer” strategy being used to create infighting in the animal welfare movement to ensure that it will be “business as usual” for the animal agriculture industry. While vegans argue with meat eaters and while PETA supporters argue with PETA opponents, the animal agriculture industry will continue to kill animals.

This is also why the globalists created the “Yes On 37” movement. The public is well aware of the risks and dangers of GMO foods, so the globalists created the “Yes On 37” movement to promote phony “co-existence”. Why else would the leaders and financiers of the “Yes On 37” movement refuse to listen to those who call for banning GMO crops? Because the globalists control both the pro-GMO crowd and the phony anti-GMO establishment which includes Joseph Mercola, Alex Jones, and the Organic Consumers Association.

PETA is like the race baiters at Alex Jones’ Both promote inflammatory headlines and stories. (PETA playing the religion card is like Alex Jones defending Darren Wilson and posting so many “the government covers up black-on-white crimes” stories.)

When people start thinking of PETA as an operation similar to Infowars, and when people start thinking of Ingrid Newkirk as the animal rights equivalent of Alex Jones, then maybe people will stop donating to PETA and put that COINTELPRO run operation out of business.

No wonder PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to promote pro-GMO propaganda on their YouTube videos.


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