Is Alex Jones a paid PETA operative? (Alex Jones covers up PETA’s dognapping and murder of Maya the chihuahua.)

After word broke out about PETA dognapping and murdering a pet chihuahua by the name of Maya, I listened to Alex Jones’ radio show to see if he would mention it as proof that PETA murders animals.

Guess what? He made no mention of it.

Then I began to think of when Jones invited David Martosko – then working for the Center for Consumer Freedom as their “director of research” – to his show to talk about PETA killing animals. While Martosko stuck to the Center for Consumer Freedom’s main talking points about PETA (while conveniently ignoring the mounting evidence that PETA is a COINTEL organization whose sole purpose is to discredit the animal welfare movement as an “extremist” movement), Jones went into conspiracy mode and claimed that PETA is “part of the bioethicist movement which advocates the forced euthanization of the elderly and the retarded” and is doing so to “condition humanity to accept the coming genocide of men, women, and children in the name of ‘population control’ as normal.”

Why would Alex Jones make such claims?

Could it be because Alex Jones is secretly a paid PETA operative and is paid to help undermine PETA’s opposition?

Remember, in the 1990s, Kelly Rebecca Nichols – aka Violet Jones, Alex Jones’ wife (now ex-wife) – worked for PETA in their media/public relations department as a PR spokesperson. It has been alleged that Nichols was actually fired by Ingrid Newkirk for throwing a dead raccoon at Anna Wintour and a tofu cream pie at Oscar de la Renta. (Alex Jones claims his wife left PETA after “witnessing the inner circle eating Wendy’s double beef burgers,” which seems like another crazy lie to further discredit PETA’s opponents.)

I’m starting to believe that Violet Jones – aka Kelly Rebecca Nichols – is still under the employ of PETA as an undercover agent, and she and Alex Jones are paid to create outrageous conspiracy theories in order to discredit opposition to PETA.

This is why paid PETA trolls dismiss those who talk about Maya the chihuahua being dognapped and murdered by PETA as “shills for the puppy mills, the breeders, and the meat industry.”


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