Misogynistic vegan hatemongers bully Anne Hathaway for her decision to ditch veganism.


Some of the “tolerant” comments left by Facebook members who seem like they belong to the Westboro Baptist Church:

Marilyn Ramos I had my suspicions after she won an Oscar for Les Miserables and it was reported widely that she skipped the after party and went to In and Out for a burger. Not having ever been in an In and Out, I assumed they offered a veggie burger! I’ve never been a fan but “tolerated” her because she was a vegan but now I can fully hate her annoying ass!

Claire Miller It makes me sick when people say “it’s her choice”. Would it be ok if it was “her choice” to be racist, sexist or homophobic? It is not ok to have a “personal choice” that results in so much misery for other beings. Of all the excuses this is the one that upsets me the most. (That is the first time I have ever seen anybody equating meat eating with racism, sexism, and homophobia.)

Kari Heath Selfish cunt. (Nothing like a healthy dose of misogynism, right Kari?)

Debbie V Barnes Anyone who gives up on being vegan was never a vegan in the first place. (So by your logic, a Christian who decides to be an atheist was never a Christian in the first place. You are a dumb sack of shit, Debbie.)

Gaz Cattes She’s dropped out of the vegan life-choice, because she feels better because of it. Okay, her choice… at what point has this become news, or indeed of importance to anyone but her? I thought we’d reached a point where we were no longer judging people upon what they put in their bodies, or where…how does this even get head-space? If she feels happy and healthy then good for her. (You’re definitely the smart one of this bunch.)

Amit Kumar Fkkkin biatch (Fuck you, you misogynistic piece of shit.)

Kat Dirickson I liked her before, no I just think she’s a f#cking crazy bitch. (And another misogynistic vegan hatemonger. Go fuck yourself.)

Nitz Uhls Fuck her. I hope she gets fat. (I could say “I hope your children are born retarded” Nitz, but I’m not going to stoop to your level.)


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