Linux users to be targeted by TSA at international airports?

With the recent news that all international airports will be forcing flyers to power on their laptops and phones at security checkpoints, now word is coming out that the NSA may be targeting Linux users for extra scrutiny.

According to, Linux Journal has revealed that the NSA considers it to be an “extremist forum” on par with right-wing websites such as Infowars and Drudge Report.

According to Linux Journal:

A new story published on the German site Tagesschau and followed up by BoingBoing and DasErste.dehas uncovered some shocking details about who the NSA targets for surveillance including visitors to Linux Journal itself.

While it has been revealed before that the NSA captures just about all Internet traffic for a short time, the Tagesschau story provides new details about how the NSA’s XKEYSCORE program decides which traffic to keep indefinitely. XKEYSCORE uses specific selectors to flag traffic, and the article reveals that Web searches for Tor and Tails–software I’ve covered here in Linux Journal that helps to protect a user’s anonymity and privacy on the Internet–are among the selectors that will flag you as “extremist” and targeted for further surveillance.

More at Linux Journal

So will the NSA and TSA target people who have Ubuntu on their laptops and force them to go through body scanners, patdowns, and strip searches? If the NSA considers Linux Journal to be an extremist website, then it’s a foregone conclusion that when somebody is forced to turn on their laptop at the TSA checkpoints and their laptop boots into Ubuntu, the TSA will pull them aside and demand that Linux users submit to body scanners, patdowns, strip searches and warrantless searches of the contents of their Ubuntu laptops.

Amerika, the land of the fleeced, and the home of the slave.


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