PETA call for police to protect K9 cops, yet they turn a blind eye to miltarized cops murdering family pets and ranch cattle.


[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

One unexpected day you find that your best friend – your dog, cat or other pet – has been shot and killed by a police officer. There is nothing you can do. The local police chief defends the behavior of his officer, calling the murder “euthanasia.” This nightmare has become true for thousands of American families.

The institutionalization of summary pet “euthanasia” is now the unstated policy of police in the US. This isn’t an exaggeration. If you have been following the growing police state in the US, you might have noticed a seemingly recent phenomenon taking hold – the killing of pets by cops. If you haven’t been following, here is a quick run down of some recent events which might surprise you:



Police Execute Dog Outside 5-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window

Department stands by trooper who shot family dog before raiding wrong home

Mikael Thalen
May 6, 2014

A Pennsylvania man is accusing a state trooper of excessive force after his dog was shot and killed outside his grandson’s bedroom window late last week.

abc27 WHTM


Jeff Blitz, who let his dog Ace out early Thursday morning, detailed the moment he heard gun shots while sitting inside his garage.

“They shot the dog and then came to the garage. The dog came around to me and he (the trooper) said ‘you better calm down,’” Blitz told ABC 27. “I said, ‘calm down? You just killed my dog.’”

Blitz’s neighbor, William Maynes, who heard the entire altercation from his home across the street, gave even greater insight into the trooper’s actions.

“There was a lady running down the road saying ‘don’t shoot the dog, don’t shoot the dog,’” Maynes recalled. “… So I got up, looked out the window and all the sudden I heard bang, bang, bang…”

According to police, several local and federal law enforcement agencies were attempting to issue an arrest warrant for Blitz’s daughter when the dog was shot. When researching for the arrest, the agencies failed to discover that Blitz’s daughter had long since moved from the residence.

Even worse, Blitz’s 5-year-old grandson Dane was only feet away inside his room as the trooper wildly shot twice into the lawn before hitting the dog.

“They walked away when I pointed it out, I said ‘you already took one part of my family and there’s a second one in there watching TV,’” Blitz said. “He could of got it too.”

Despite Ace being shot in the side, which leads Blitz to believe his dog was not being a threat to officers, Pennsylvania State Police spokesperson Rob Hicks defended the shooting, arguing that the offending trooper was likely keeping people safe.

“Every once in a while we get thrown into a situation where we have to protect either ourselves or somebody else and this is one of those situations,” Hicks said.

Blitz says the hardest part has been explaining the situation to his grandson, who watched Ace get buried in the backyard as police stood around in the front.

“He was just out there sitting talking to him a while ago,” Blitz explained. “He asked me, ‘Pappy, can I go talk to Ace?.’”

Although an investigation has been opened into the matter, few expect the trooper to be held accountable for shooting a dog outside the wrong home.

“The investigation is going to look at the whole picture, but the biggest point of the investigation is to be looking at whether the use of force was warranted in this situation,” Hicks added.

Unfortunately, even when a dog is unjustly killed on film, law enforcement officers rarely face ramifications.

Last February, an officer in Idaho was cleared after killing a man’s service dog outside a 9-year-old’s birthday party. Dash cam footage of the incident showed the officer antagonizing the dog by kicking it several times before the fatal shots were fired.

In 2012, a police officer in Austin, Texas fatally shot a man’s dog after responding to a domestic disturbance call at the wrong home. Despite the man openly playing Frisbee with his dog on his own front lawn, the officer opened fire at point blank range.

That same year, a Texas cop shot a dog on a family’s front porch, causing the bullet to enter the home. After killing the dog in the front of the house, the officer proceeded to kill a second dog that was tied up in the backyard.


PETA AWOL Again When Cops Kill Dogs

UPDATED 5/18/2009: Florence, AZ Cops Kill K9 “Partner.”

What is with Arizona cops killing dogs? Tempe cops simply shoot them (and get away with it), while Chandler and Florence cops leave them in cars “accidentally” on 105-plus degree days. Here is the latest one, which happened over the weekend. You can hear crickets chirping and pins dropping over all the PETA protests in response to this “tragic dog killing.”

UPDATED 2/16/2009

Mike Hasenei of Elkridge, MD.
(Photo from; Alex Stawinski)

Police also shot and killed Mr. Mike Hasenei’s dog in Elkridge, MD on January 15. The police raided Mr. Hasenei’s house, said his Australian cattle dog charged them, so they “had to shoot him.” No arrests were made as a result of the raid. And again, NO PETA!

by Brian A. Wilkins

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is on the verge of the impossible; passing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as the biggest primadonnas, show boaters, and media hounds (pun intended) in the United States.

Most Americans and others across the globe had no idea who or what PETA was before their continual public crucifiction of Mr. Michael Vick, the former NFL quarterback, for his “animal cruelty” back in 2007. And though pitbulls – the dogs Mr. Vick used for fighting (and my favorite breed) – have commonly been considered monster, mean hip-hop dogs by Euro-American media, they made sure to victimize the pit bulls when it came to the corn-rowed, $130 million NFL quarterback. Most apartment complex in the country have banned tenants from owning pitbulls and rottweillers and most people who have never been around the dogs are scared to death of them.

So where is PETA now after Tempe Police thug Whitney Jurjevich shot and killed Mr. Stan Rosenblatt’s dog in Upper Gwynedd, PA on January 16? The attack appears to be completely unprovoked and was carried out by a trigger-happy former U.S. Marine who thinks he’s above the law. I understand attacking Jurjevich will not bring PETA the attention Mr. Vick has, but PETA continues putting on display this false bravado nobody is buying, because of their selective “enforcement” of their mission.  Here is a quote, directly from, regarding the rights of dogs:

“Animals should have the right to equal consideration of their interests. For instance, a dog most certainly has an interest in not having pain inflicted on him or her unnecessarily. We are, therefore, obliged to take that interest into consideration and to respect the dog’s right not to have pain unnecessarily inflicted upon him or her.”

Ok, so let’s take a look at cop dog killers (as I outlined in the video, “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail.“:


Chandler (AZ) Cop Tom Lovejoy    Acworth (GA) Cop Curtis Endicott     Tempe (AZ) Cop Whitney Jurjevich  

Chandler Police Officer Tom Lovejoy, back in August 2007, left his dog Bandit in his patrol car for 13 hours in the middle of a Phoenix summer. Obviously, the dog was cooked to death, as temperatures were well above 105 degrees that day, and likely well over 150 degrees inside the car. Lovejoy, along with two other officers, covered up the crime by cleaning the car with bleach and using taxpayer dollars to cremate the dog before an investigation could occur. Lovejoy was acquitted of all charges. And PETA was no where to be found throughout.

On September 3, 2007, Acworth cop Curtis Endicott left his police dog, Marco, in a patrol car and “forgot about him” on a 90-plus degree day, even though police described him as an “animal lover.” Endicott paid a $256.25 fine, and was allowed to keep his title and rank as shift commander. His most severe punishment was losing $10,000 in annual salary after being removed from the K-9 unit. Again, PETA was no where to be found.

The story of Tempe cop Whitney Jurjevich has been well-documented by the OP-NAT Eye for the past few days. Jurjevich shot and killed Mr. Stan Rosenblatt’s dog, Bruce, on January 16. Jurjevich, who deleted both his Myspace and Facebook accounts on February 14, was off-duty and way out of his jurisdiction when he not only shot Mr. Rosenblatt’s dog, but then aimed the gun at Mr. Rosenblatt and threatened to kill him. Jurjevich and his father conjured up a tale for police, according to Rosenblatt, and no charges were brought against the shooter. Oh and PETA….well, cue the cricket noises.

PETA is a disgrace of an organization and are the ones who need their heads examined, as they’ve said Mr. Vick needs. They don’t seem to mind chopping dogs and cats balls off to “control the pet population” instead of coming up with some sort of cheap depo provera-type shot for animals. They say animals have the right to equal consideration of their interests. And though I’m no dog whisperer, I doubt castration is high on the wish list of any species of animal. PETA also ignores the concept of rodeos and, like the Euro-American public at large, condones the shooting and decapitation of deer and other animals (which they call “hunting”). And when it comes to thug police, PETA views them as heroes and above the law, similar to the Euro-American dominated “hero” designation of thug police. PETA is too spineless and yellow to actually take on real animal causes, and this pattern of cops killing dogs and getting away with it doesn’t seem to register on their radar. (WATCH VIDEO OF PETA PROTESTING AT MR. VICK’S TRIAL)

I’m no “dog lover” or “animal lover”, but I do like dogs and will have one or two again if I ever own a house. I’m definitely not a fan of the Primadonnas for the Ethical Treatment of Animals either. Mr. Rosenblatt lost a member of his family and because these PETA people will likely not be followed by Euro-American media cameras in Upper Gwynedd, PA, they are again AWOL. But because of the popularity boost they have received from their continual Mr. Vick attacks, them showing up picketing outside the Tempe Police Department will at least show they are really concerned about animals and not just TV cameras. But who are we kidding? There are two lessons to Americans in all this: thug cops will always cover for one another whether they are part of the same department or not, and PETA’s primary organizational concern is TV cameras.


PETA’s okay with militarized police killing defenseless, innocent pets


Looks like BLM killed Bundy cows for fun. Where is PETA? Where are all the animal rights activists? –

is nly there to capture poor stray cats just to exterminate them l8r in 1 of their “Auschwitzes”.And feel good about it.


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