PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to shill for GMO foods.

I left a comment on this PETA video promoting awareness of organic foods as well as warning people about the dangers of GMO soy, and the paid Monsanto trolls have attacked me in full force:

My comment:

of course you need to make sure that the soy is non-GMO.

We need to ban GMOs worldwide. Unfortunately, the Monsanto-controlled White House, the Monsanto-controlled USDA, and the Monsanto-controlled FDA will never ban GMOs in America. Monsanto owns the US federal government, and it’s time that the people stand up and kick the Monsanto shills out of power.If GMO crops are permitted to continue to exist, GMO crops will cross-pollinate with non-GMO crops, and then EVERYTHING will be GMO…and GMO labeling laws will NOT prevent GMO crops from cross-pollinating with non-GMO crops.

And here are the Monsanto trolls’ replies:
One problem with your theory, chief: If we went all organic, we could only feed 2/3 of the world’s population. And no, you can’t convince the remaining third to starve to death. Norman Borlaug knew this, and that’s why he made this genetically-modified food, food which saved over a billion lives. Rethink your position, then we’ll talk. Until then, you and I have nothing further to discuss.”

– AboboRules
“Sorry GMO is the way to go and the only hope humanity has for survival.  Now if we could get Monsanto out of the picture things would be much more hunky dory. 

Side note:
If you are against golden rice, than you are an inhuman monster.”
My reply to William McDonald:
I’d rather be an inhuman monster than a disgusting GMO shill like you.
His reply?
Than your priorities are wrong and you are scientifically ignorant.
No William, YOU are the one with the wrong priorities, and YOU are the one who’s scientifically ignorant. You are a paid Monsanto troll. End. Of. Discussion.
And PETA, since you’re allowing these paid Monsanto trolls to spew pro-GMO propaganda on your YouTube channel, it just reaffirms my belief you’re a Big Agra false flag campaign being used to discredit legitimate animal welfare activists including HSUS.

2 thoughts on “PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to shill for GMO foods.

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