My opinion on resignation of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich

  1. Eich and Obama voiced their opposition of gay marriage in 2008. So where’s the outrage over Obama’s opposition of gay marriage in 2008? Oh yeah. According to liberals, it’s racist to criticize Obama for any reason. Oppose Obama for putting Monsanto execs in charge of the USDA and FDA? You’re a racist. Oppose Obama for blowing up innocent Muslim men, women, and children with drone strikes? You’re a racist.
  2. In the aftermath of the forced resignation, people have decided they’re going to boycott all Mozilla products and services including the Firefox web browser. Who stands to gain from people boycotting Firefox? None other than Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), and Apple (Safari).

This “story” was most likely a false-flag cooked up by Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Firefox is probably the most widely used web browser in the world. That fact pisses off the competition, so I would not be surprised if the comeptition teamed up to destroy Mozilla/Firefox by any mean necessary.

By this logic, if Ubuntu becomes too big of a threat to Google (Chrome OS), Microsoft (Windows desktop and mobile OSes), and Apple (Mac OS X and iOS), those three corporate tyrants could pay the media to conveniently reveal the fact that Jane Silber – the CEO of Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical – worked as a VP for General Dynamics – a defense contractor – and they could allege that Ms. Silber made financial contributions to support Bush’s war on terror when Bush was the President. Such revelations/accusations would have such a detrimental effect on not only Ms. Silber but also the entire Canonical company and Ubuntu, which could result in the end of Ubuntu which is the biggest threat to their corporate desktop/mobile OS monopoly.

This is not about attacking a person for being pro-traditional marriage. This is about corporations using any means necessary to destroy anybody who threatens corporate fascism.


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