Big Agra operatives and feds posing as “vegans” want you to think there is no difference between “factory farms” and “humane farms”.

There is a “humane meat” movement afoot, wherein adherents believe something to the effect that “they are doing meat right” by eating locally raised, grass-fed, non-factory farmed meat. Sure, this practice is better for the animals and the planet than the industrial norm.

But is it right? The above image (connected to a NY Times article about “humane” meats and DIY butchering) is a perfect illustration of the common link between factory farms and so-called “humane” farms: the operating definition of non-human creatures as commodities. Both factory farms and “humane” ones raise fellow animals, then kill them, then sell the bodies and body parts of those they slaughter — all in the name of making some cash.

Is this kind of farming humane? Seeing the way humans behave, then perhaps it is. But is it right? Not a chance.


“Farm to Fridge” by Mercy for Animals – condensed version

This is a 4-minute condensed version of “Farm to Fridge” (, put together by Mercy for Animals ( to show at Pay Per View events. It contains footage of standard cruelties in factory farms, egg-laying hen hatcheries, and slaughterhouses. Note that so-called “humane” farms, family farms, and organic farms engage in at least some of these cruelties. For an introduction to vegan recipes, please visit, which has 15,000 vegan recipes.


The vegan extremists are united with Big Agra in the war against family farms. That’s why Big Agra pays “ethical vegans” – vegans who care more about “animal rights” than “human health” and defend GMO vegan foods if it means “no more animal suffering” – such as Kay7271 to spread disinformation against humane farming, family farming, and organic farming.


6 thoughts on “Big Agra operatives and feds posing as “vegans” want you to think there is no difference between “factory farms” and “humane farms”.

  1. Such is the job of a CCF operative such as yourself…spreading faux conspiracy theories about PETA, HSUS, and CSPI on behalf of the meat, dairy, and booze and tobacco industries. Your coocoo conspiracy theories were so entertaining on YouTube…but on here you are making personal attacks against vegans such as Kay7271 and myself, and you are using anti-semitic attacks against Michael Jacobson and MeMe Roth and covering your Jew hatred by saying “food police” this and “food police that.

    I have alerted WordPress about your personal attacks and anti-semitism. And I have alerted CSPI, PETA, and HSUS about your slanderous posts regarding them. You WILL be shut down.

  2. As CDL has stated, I too have alerted WordPress, PETA, CSPI, and HSUS about your personal attacks and your slander. And I have also contacted my attorney regarding your personal attacks and slanderous lies against me.

  3. darthchaosofrspw says:

    Folks, pay no attention to the two mental midgets CDLver and Kay7271. They believe everything that the government tells them.

    CDLver is a known 9/11 Truth denialist who even believes “there was prior knowledge” is a “coocoo conspiracy theory”. CDLver refuses to accept the fact that CSPI is a Monsanto shill organization who shills for GMO foods – read my post about CSPI’s Gregory Jaffe – and shills for Monsanto lobbyists as well as Monsanto-crafted “food safety” legislation.

    And Kay7271 blocked me from their channel for exposing the fact that the supposed “vegan” shills for a beef/dairy industry front group called the American Dietetic Association. Nooooo…Kay7271 cannot allow a lowly plebe such as me to expose them as a fraud.

    CDLver and Kay7271 do not work for PETA. They are clearly government agents posing as “vegan activists” in order to provoke and incite. They are agents provocateurs, and the fact that I am exposing them as such pisses them off so much that they are now inventing lies of “personal attacks” and “slander” in order to get this blog shut down.

  4. darthchaosofrspw says:

    CDL, most of my loyal readers know that this blog hates the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) as much as it hates CSPI and PETA. They are all bullshit organizations funded by the Fortune 500.

    By the way, I know of many HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) supporters who are disgusted at how “vegan activists” are co-opting HSUS and trying to turn HSUS against “humane meat”. Like it or not, humane meat and humane farming is here to stay, despite the tactics of Monsanto operatives such as yourselves.

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