UPDATE: Google outright censors the REAL truth about PETA. Chinese-style internet censorship is already here!

In my previous article (see “CIA front company Google erases emails and comments made to YouTube user TheExposingthelies made by COINTELPRO agent provocateurs posing as PETA members“), I mentioned that YouTube user TheExposingthelies noticed that private emails from PETA shills such as CDLver had been deleted without their knowledge or consent, and I posted the following comment on TheExposingthelies’ channel page:

I’ve been exposing the PETA as a COINTELPRO operation for the last several years. Personally, I think people – vegans such as Ratiocinator included – are waking up to the fact that PETA is a Rockefeller-controlled COINTELPRO operation that is not what it claims to be and actually works for the interests it claims to be against. I’ve also been theorizing that most of the “radical” PETA shills you see on the internet are COINTELPRO agent provocateurs paid to lure anti-PETA people into making violent threats in order to discredit anti-PETA people as dangerous extremists and to justify the expanding police state. And now that they’ve been caught and exposed as provocateurs, they’ve enlisted Google the CIA front company to erase all evidence of their provocateuring.

Well, guess what?

That comment is NOWHERE to be found on TheExposingthelies’ channel page.

The truth is, PETA has been outed by the wakened masses – not the fake ones who shill for PETA’s controlled opposition, the Center for Consumer Freedom – as a COINTELPRO operation openly using agent provocateurs posing as “animal rights activists” who provoke those against PETA to make violent comments.

The wakened masses have woken up to the COINTELPRO tactics of “animal rights activists” such as CDLver and Kay7271 who openly engage in disinformation against “Weston Pricers” (those who belong to or support the Weston A. Price Foundation who are REAL advocates of REAL food).

The wakened masses have woken up to the fact that PETA is nothing but a tool of the very meat industry they claim to be against; vegans and animal lovers such as Ratiocinator are now openly theorizing that PETA engages in wackiness in order to discredit the animal welfare movement.

The wakened masses have woken up to PETA being a CIA/COINTELPRO/Rockefeller operation, so guess who has to censor the fact that PETA is a CIA/COINTELPRO operation? None other than the parent company of YouTube, Google – the CIA front company.

We are already under Chinese-style internet censorship. This blog scares the establishment so much that they watch it like a hawk.

Sooner or later, you will no longer be able to access this blog from Google searches. It probably will not be long before another CIA front company – Facebook – will outright ban links to this blog and ban people for posting links to this blog on Facebook.

I will attempt to post a link to this article on TheExposingthelies’ channel. I have a feeling that it will be censored. However, I must inform the wakened masses that CHINESE-STYLE INTERNET CENSORSHIP IS ALREADY HERE.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Google outright censors the REAL truth about PETA. Chinese-style internet censorship is already here!

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    • dcinfowarrior says:

      In the words of Ole Anderson, troyfromwv – aka Troy Palmer Sexton – is the shits and doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Go fuck yourself, fat boy.

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