CCF: “Let’s hire a white supremacist to discredit opposition to PETA as racist!”

Found the following comments from a PETA stooge on YouTube:

@StopHumanewatch interesting quote I found out about Martosko’s replacement, Will Coggin.

Will Coggin of the Sons of Liberty equated affirmative action to “institutionalized racism against the majority,” and characterized a socioeconomically-based version as “only temporarily useful at best.”

“institutionalized racism against the majority” is teabagger doublespeak which means “we stand against anything which threatens white supremacy”. I bet Coggin and Martosko belong to the KKK.


@TheExposingthelies You shill for a phony industry-funded troofer movement which is now headed by a white supremacist. Now off you go. Go join @wvoutlaw2009 and Will Coggin and David Martosko at the local KKK meeting. Oh, and CCF’s Rick Berman is Jewish in name only. He’s a traitor to his fellow Jews. He’s a self-hating Jew who openly employs white supremacists (Will Coggin) and sends his underlings to radio shows hosted by white supremacists (Alex Jones). Racist teabagging troofer, GTFO!


I have met David Martosko personally (he is CCF’s director of research, you have proof right here in case you don’t believe me:… He is out of shape and seemingly in poor health and he likes to stalk people. He also is a bad photographer and a compulsive liar and he was a guest speaker on the Alex Jones show (the same one that has ties to holocaust denial and 9/11 tr00th movements and other whackjob conspiracy theories and crazy racists you can find the interview on the utoobs) but other than that he is a great guy. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of the other CCF goons but if they are anything like Martosko they are a barrel of losers who will probably die pretty young and pretty unhappy but loaded with cash from Philip Morris and Red Lobster (the worlds only communist seafood chain…LOL)


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