David Martosko’s agent provocateuring on Facebook will be used to justify forcing Facebook users to “show their papers”.

ALERT: Stalker Targets Facebook Activists
February 9, 2011

Throughout 2010, an impostor has been using Facebook to gain the confidence of activists, journalists, authors, members of Congress, and prominent members of public interest groups.

Operating under the fictitious names “Gregory Davis”, “Preston G. Davis”, and “Gregoire525”, this individual has friended more than 300 people, gaining access to the personal information and status updates they have posted. Many of those individuals were maligned on websites run by the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), an industry-funded astroturf group that specializes in vicious smear campaigns against public interest groups, vegans, environmentalists, animal welfare, and the charities associated with them.

HWI has obtained evidence that suggests CCF’s Director of Research, David Martosko, is using these false identities to spy on activists and public interest groups.

Given Martosko’s obsession with activistserratic behaviorsubstance abuse, rumors of stalking, and the presence of his name on a 2007 concealed weapon report, his access to this sensitive information is extremely troubling.


Quite convenient that this story comes out at the same time Facebook is now conditioning people to “show their papers” to “prove their identity”. The animal “rights” people targeted by Martosko will be begging for Facebook to forcing everybody to “show their papers” to prove their identity.

Facebook Japan Takes Hard Line, Banning Pseudo Names And Requires ID
Akky Akimoto
February 9, 2010

“Today February 8, some Japanese web users who are influential in tech communities like Hatena and Twitter, started reporting they were locked out from Facebook. After trying to log in, they were taken to the form, which title is “Complaints against a ban of your account, identity demanded”.

“On the form, following information are asked to provide,
* contact mail address
* name
* date of birth
* mail address for log in if you can use it
scanned image of your identification paper – keep full name, date of birth and photo clear, you may hide other information”


Right now it’s just for select people who have been banned, but soon they’ll just require EVERYBODY to show their papers in order to keep their account and for new users to show their papers to open a new account. And David Martosko’s agent provocateuring of animal “rights” people/groups will be used as the crisis which will be used to justify the solution: “papers, please”.


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