Strange bedfellows: CCF and YouTube user, COINTELPRO operative CDLver

Notice how CDLver routinely dodges my comments about the Center for Consumer Freedom’s demonization of raw milk advocates such as Dr. Mercola. In fact, I got CDLver to shill for CSPI, the most prominent Monsanto front group not only in the United States, but throughout the world. CDLver uses baseless, tiresome accusations against me because I expose how PETA and CCF are both Rockefeller front groups and that the “PETA vs. CCF” feud is a fraudulent sham and hold as much merit as any staged feud in the WWE. CDLver is clearly a Monsanto agent using COINTELPRO tactics to prop up the fake “PETA/CCF” paradigm.

On another video, I got CDLver to spew the government’s “official story” on raw milk.

Whole Foods stopped selling raw goat and cow milk because it is risky business. WFM does not want to be held liable by customers made sick by contaminated raw animal milk. Period. No conspriacy theory there.

Raw milk is easily infected with E. coli O157:NM (no antibiotics used in raw organic animal milk to kill the bacteria) which can and has resulted in renal failure.

But you go ahead, drink all the raw animal milk that your kidneys can stand.

Well guess who else has an anti-raw milk agenda? The Center for Consumer Freedom, CDLver’s supposed “opposition”. When it comes to raw milk, CDLver and the CCF truly are strange bedfellows.

Another COINTEL tactic that CDLver uses is – and I’m paraphrasing here – “you’re an animal hater if you believe PETA kills animals.” This is the exact same tactic used by government shills such as Rush Limbaugh (“You’re with al-Qaeda if you’re against war.”) and Troyfromwestvirginia (paraphrasing: “You’re an America hater if you believe 9/11 is an inside jobby job.”).


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