Animal “rights” group PETA owns stock in fast food industry

And then the fast food industry in turn funds PETA’s fake opposition, the Center for Consumer Freedom. In other words, PETA is as much tied to the fast food industry as CCF.


PeTA owns stock in Tyson Foods, Hormel and Denny’s
PETA’s beef turns into stock
Activist group is buying shares of Tyson Foods, Hormel and Denny’s in bid to reach shareholders.

By Parija Bhatnagar, CNN/Money Staff Writer
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) –
Animal rights group PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — said it is upping the ante against food companies and restaurant chains by buying their shares and taking its animal anti-cruelty campaign directly to the shareholders.

Calling it a “reinvigorated strategy,” the agency said for the first time it is vigorously purchasing stock in the leading meat suppliers such as Hormel Foods, Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride and dining chains Denny’s Restaurants, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s parent Brinker International and Applebee’s.

“We’re taking on Wall Street,” PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich told CNN/Money. “We’re buying 50 percent over the minimum number of shares required to submit a shareholder resolution.”

Interesting strategy PeTA so let me see how this works; you accept donations to save the animals & protect their rights, then you purchase stock in companies that serve and eat them.

This is done so you then can form a shareholder resolution to attempt change while you collect the quarterly benefits of your stock vested in restaurants that serve meat. That would be a brilliant move if you were able to by 51% of the stock in the company,  but a fairly useless and wasted purchase for animal rights to purchase a number to simply submit a shareholder resolution.

PeTA started buying shares in the meat and restaurant industry in 2003, this is what they owned at that date.

Over the last month, PETA said it has acquired 150 shares of Austin, Minn.-based Hormel Foods, the leading processor of turkey and pork; 240 shares of Springdale, Ark.-based No. 1 chicken producer Tyson Foods and 260 shares of Texas-based No. 2 poultry producer Pilgrim’s Pride.

PETA now also owns 11,000 shares of casual dining chain Denny’s and 110 shares of Chili’s parent Brinker International, and will acquire stock in Outback Steakhouse and Applebee’s.

Brilliant move PeTA keep vesting in the restaurant business, you will need the cash to pay the fine for the killings in Ahoskie.  Some things you discover about PeTA are unreal and this is reported by CNN not CFF.

Peace Bill


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