“Organic-only” Whole Foods carries toxic Truvia

Google search on Whole Foods and Truvia

Found this post from Prison Planet Forum member Pilikia:

Yesterday at Whole Foods I saw a row of Truvia on the shelves… could NOT BELIEVE my eyes. I took a box to the customer service desk and told them about the major deception that Cargill has pulled with Truvia. I plan to follow up with email to Whole Foods corporate …. I urge you to all do the same. Someone at Whole Foods blew it — and we need to hammer away at them for putting what is essentially POISON on the shelves. One of the reasons I like to shop at Whole Foods is that I can be fairly sure they’re not stocking the bad stuff. When I see something like Truvia prominently displayed on the shelves, I have to wonder if they’ve been coopted by agri-business. Cargill does not belong in a store that bills itself as a ‘natural’ ‘organic’ market.

So much for Whole Foods being a TRUE “organic-only” supermarket.


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