Stick a fork in Xandros, it’s done.


Xandros hasn’t released a new version of Xandros Desktop since November 2006 when they released Xandros 4.1. That’s almost four years without a new OS.

Xandros hasn’t released a new version of Xandros Server since May 2007. That’s over three years.

Xandros’ Presto OS pretty much came into the market with a whimper and went out with a sigh – most likely in the span of one month.

DistroWatch has declared Xandros Desktop to be a discontinued distribution.

Many former Xandrosians – myself included – have moved on to other OSes such as Ubuntu, Mint, and PCLinuxOS. Most abandoned Xandros when they sold out to Microsoft’s racketeering scam (the “patent agreement”). (I should note that I abandoned Xandros upon release of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake LTS.)

And now it seems that – the only reason Xandros bought Linspire – has been down for at least two weeks.

Over the last two years, it seems that Xandros has make empty promise after empty promise. They promised to keep Freespire, return Freespire to its Debian roots, and base the next version of Xandros on Freespire.

Last year, I speculated that reliance on netbook OSes would be Xandros’ undoing. Looks like I was correct. Shortly after Xandros and Asus teamed up to make Linux-powered netbooks (the eeePC), Asus and Microsoft signed a deal where Windows netbooks would be given priority over Linux netbooks. In fact, Asus no longer offers netbooks with Linux pre-installed.

Face it. Xandros is a dead company. It had a bright, rosy future in 2004 and 2005. It was a serious alternative to Windows XP. It was the reason I got into desktop Linux. (The first Linux that I used constantly was Xandros Desktop 3.0 Deluxe.) Unfortunately, all the reasons to use Xandros are no longer there. It’s no longer updated. It’s ancient technology. And its userbase is abandoning it in droves. Xandros no longer has anything to offer other than its brand name and assets which I forsee being bought by a rival company – Canonical, Redhat, Oracle, or perhaps Microsoft (or if you believe the rumors, former Linspire owner Michael Robertson) in the near future. Xandros CEO Andy Typaldos needs to either get his company’s priorities straightened out or just get out of the market.


One thought on “Stick a fork in Xandros, it’s done.

  1. darthchaosofrspw says:

    And why would I want to switch to Windows? Are you actually implying that I am a Microsoft shill? All I did was state the facts that Xandros is horribly mismanaged. The truth hurts sometimes. I’ve been a loyal Ubuntu user since 2006, and I had a gut feeling back in 2006 when Xandros introduced Xandros Desktop 4.0 – with product activation, nonetheless – that Xandros’ days were numbered. I’m not a psychic and never claimed to be as such, but I saw this coming a mile away.

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