Microsoft kills the netbook market because it’s scared of Linux competition

Comment: It’s amazing. Microsoft is so scared of competition that they are willing to deliberately force retailers to help them implode a market in order to kill the competition.

Found this post on comp.os.linux.advocacy

According to this graph (see below), YoY (Year over Year) sales of the
Netbook in the USA have slumped from 641% in Jul 2009 to 25% in Mar 2010
and 5% in Apr 2010.

We all know that tens of millions of Linux netbooks were sold before
Microsoft strongarmed the netbook manufacturers into providing only
Windows7 on Netbooks whose hardware specs were also dictated by Microsoft
to be much reduced compared to a Laptop. i.e. ram was limited.

Retailers were ‘persuaded’ not to offer Linux Netbooks where Windows
Netbooks were on display, or to make sure the Linux Netbooks were powered
off, or not just available.

This graph, shows the
sales data I have quoted above, although it attempts to suggest that the
Apple Ipad is the reason for the Netbook slump.

As the Apple Ipad was not released into the American market until April
2010, the Ipad may be responsible for some of the April slump, but it
can’t be responsible for the prior decline.

I think the likely suspect for the decline is Microsoft, Windows7, a
maximum of three concurrent apps, and pricing that in some cases, rivals
larger dual core laptops.

Who needs to innovate, … when you can exterminate?


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